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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn May 14, 2011 00:43 Flag

    fair play

    Like you, Joe, I would like us to emulate our stuck-up neighbours and qualify for the CL as a matter of course, whether this can happen over the next few seasons depends on how we strengthen and build. I take your point, (and other posters') re the Europa being a hindrance, but I know you and everyone else would be delighted to see Daws hold it aloft next season, and we're certainly good enough after taking on some of the cream of Europe last season and living with most of them, I have a real taste for it...I think it will be a bit like after the Lord Mayor's Show without it. The legendary European nights at WHL are mainly from the two 'lesser' tournaments, but I used to enjoy them so much, bringing teams to the Lane who we never saw before and after! Hopefully, with a strong squad, we can cope and finish well in the league, with our promising loanees returned and youngsters being used for games where the result is assured (favourably or not)in Europe! Just wanted to point out the positive side of this competition, and I think we should strive to qualify.
    Consider these THFC league finishes. 1921 -2nd; 1961 -1st; 1963 -2nd; 1967 -3rd; 1971 -3rd; 1982 -4th. So what? you may ask. Each one of those finishes was accompanied by a cup win of some description. Ancient history maybe, but it illustrates that success for us doesn't always exclude a strong league position! COYS!!