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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur May 11, 2011 05:11 Flag

    fair play

    was going to bed to sulk then thought about the fair play league is there a chance we can get europe from that?? scraping the barrel and im not proud but can we ????

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    • no, it goes to fulham.

      your the 1st spurs fan i know who wants to be in the europa league!

    • HRJ that is one of the best statements i have read in a long time, and shows a reasoning and respect for football and our past achievements.

      its very true that the only thing that seesm to matter is the league title and champs league football. even the FA cup is going to be played along side other games this year. no one seems to care about the value or tradition of the FA cup , league cup or what is now the europa league. but i think what would arsenal do to have one of those trophys , theyve gone 6 years and are a big club who have won nothing . i dont want to be like that. europa league will be hard with all the games but wouldnt u rather big nights against the likes of porto and benfica then hearing about how others getting on when our team is off.

      if we are to become a great side we have to learn how to rotate and balance our squad, we need to learn what type of players can cope with the pressure and how many players we need.and after this year we obviously need some work on the euro nights hangover and another year on the bounce will help that.and its realistic we can win too raising the clubs profile even higher.

    • HRJ- I am increadibly proud of everything we have achieved throughout our history and I think we have have had a season to be proud to.

      I want us to be playing in th CL, we have played some of the most entertaining football in europe this year and I think the CL is a better place if we're involved. The atmosphere I witnessed at the Lane this year during CL games was electric and I want us to recaputure that as regularly as possible.

      I'm not belittleing our past achievements, however I want to progress, for me thats regularly qualifying for and playing in the CL. That is the highest possible level we can play at and thats where I want to to be tested.

      Whilst playing in the europa league would undoubtedly provide some entertaining thursday night football, I think it is likely to impact our ability to mount a top four challenge, especially as the EPL is likely to be even more competative next year with. With what is likely to be 8 very strong teams I think it may take most if not all of our energy to be in the top four.

      Unless we strengthen our squad, I see us having many games for us to realisticly compete in all four competitions. If it means prioritising in order to reach a higher level I would certainly consider that!

      COYS -

    • Like you, Joe, I would like us to emulate our stuck-up neighbours and qualify for the CL as a matter of course, whether this can happen over the next few seasons depends on how we strengthen and build. I take your point, (and other posters') re the Europa being a hindrance, but I know you and everyone else would be delighted to see Daws hold it aloft next season, and we're certainly good enough after taking on some of the cream of Europe last season and living with most of them, I have a real taste for it...I think it will be a bit like after the Lord Mayor's Show without it. The legendary European nights at WHL are mainly from the two 'lesser' tournaments, but I used to enjoy them so much, bringing teams to the Lane who we never saw before and after! Hopefully, with a strong squad, we can cope and finish well in the league, with our promising loanees returned and youngsters being used for games where the result is assured (favourably or not)in Europe! Just wanted to point out the positive side of this competition, and I think we should strive to qualify.
      Consider these THFC league finishes. 1921 -2nd; 1961 -1st; 1963 -2nd; 1967 -3rd; 1971 -3rd; 1982 -4th. So what? you may ask. Each one of those finishes was accompanied by a cup win of some description. Ancient history maybe, but it illustrates that success for us doesn't always exclude a strong league position! COYS!!

    • Beni, if the only trophies that mattered were the Champion's league and the Prem, our glorious past would look a lot less glorious. Same as you mate, I think we should go for everything! COYS!!