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  • Joe Joe May 11, 2011 17:34 Flag

    Well done 'arry

    Spoilt?! who me? never!

    Well maybe a little! I remember even 3 years ago! I would have been delighted to be challenging for 5-6spot.

    I would have also been delighted to have played some of the biggest teams in europe and played them off the park, what we achieved this year in the CL was nothing short of superb, we have the player of the year in Bale and at least three other midfielders who would walk into most top european sides.

    We can all identify out short falls, which has to be a positive, if none of us had any clue why we had been so mediocre recently that would be more worrying.

    The truth is we have some good players, who look like they are only going to get better and better, plus we know what we need to do to improve. Yes its frustrating that action was not taken in January, I'm sure Levy/Harry are as annoyed as we are about it (well nearly), but I think it could actually prove to be the trigger needed for us to go out and buy a top quality centre forward.

    I would have been more frustrated if we had spent big and got a striker who had been as usless as the ones we have (Torres/Dzeko)

    Remember we have achieved all of this without limitless funding.

    Alot to look forward in my book! A busy summer of transfers and some exciting players to look forward to seeing!

    Plus we don't have to worry about the Boreopa league!

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    • I think that's the point Joe - by virtue of being 'back seat managers' I doubt if any supporter is happy with their lot. There is always that player who's a 'donkey' or the manger makes those substituions that no-one understands, or plays that player, while a better player sits on the bench.
      But it is all subjective - it's difficult to find two supporters who totally agree.

      BUT - just imagine being a Citeh supporter last night - fine there's the euphoria of reaching the CL - but I would be worried sick, as if Spurs can do that to them, what price RM or Barca - if they do play the qualifying round - playing like that, will they get through? OK so Citeh have money to throw at it. But so far, it may have bought some stars, but I'm happier with what we have. Strange eh - but I think we have the better team (true, there's a couple of their players I would take (Tevez, Johnson and maybe Hart)) - but overall, we had the better team 'ethic' .

      I also liked 'arry's comment after the game. IE that he enjoys the football we play. Me too. I would hate to have Mancini as the manager (or even Mourinho) and end up playing 'defensively' just because we don't trust our own ability. l

      PS Sfer - VdV - yes it was apparent again last night wasn't it? He dropped so deep at times that Crouch must have wondered if he was on the pitch alone. Let's see what 'arry can do in the break.

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      • Those are my thoughts too John. Say what you like about our performances since losing to RM, but watching Citeh playing last night I can't see how they will be able to match what we've achieved in our first campaign.

        Citeh were clearly playing for at least a draw. Dzeko played like Pavy except in a light blue shirt, and apart from David Silva - who is another Modric IMO - and Johnson/Milner on the wings I thought they were pretty boring.

        To see possession stats consistently and massively in our favour and watching us run rings around them it just goes to show that had our strikers been on target all season the match would have been an irrelevance in terms of CL qualification and we'd be up there challenging the Goons (and perhaps Chelski) for 2nd place.

        Rose was again very good and yes comfortable at LB and Lennon for once looked like the player he was last season constantly getting the better of Zabaleta (until he broke his nose!). But you're right about vdV playing way too deep though he did also get into some great positions. Conversely Sandro seemed to spend a lot of time in the oppo territory so perhaps they evened it up a little (and I didn't see 'Arry having a go at him about that either!).

        I recorded the match and I've yet to watch it - sadly our seats were pretty much at ground level so I didn't get the view I normally do at WHL but it was clear from the off that Mike Dean was going to overlook dubious fouls by Citeh while penalising us.

        Overall, despite the lack of goals and losing the game I'm pleased with the general performance because it was so much better than it has been of late.