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  • my choice to replace 'arry, whose time to go has come. thanks and all that 'arry but bye-bye - the england job is your sort of thing - full of promise but never able to deliver - you'd be happy there;
    jurgen klinsmann has all the qualities we need. a great soccer man, from tip to toe.

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    • I think 'arry was right earlier this season re the title. We have the team and squad. Here's the 'what if' (and I know everyone can play this card) - if we had scored an extra 10 goals we could have turned 10 draws into wins. That would have given us an extra 20 points.
      Or turned 6 draws into wins and 4 losses into draws (and extra 16 points). So just by having Pav/Daffy/Crouch get an extra three or four goals each, we could have been up around 2nd. It has been that fine a line (and that still would be a low tally for our strike force).

      Another thing that has appeared from next Sunday's game 'match facts' is:

      '....Tottenham are the only side yet to name an unchanged side in the Premier League this season......'

      and I know this sounds like an excuse, but the injury list has been appalling (see earlier thread with regard to 'longer' term injuries).

    • Rich agreed that we need to 'weed out the crap', I think we are some way of title challenging yet, but I believe we can mount a challenge for the top.

      But only if we strengthen, This year showed us what we need to do to improve, lets recapture CL football and wow europe again.



    • To be quite honest, you cant complain about a 4th and then a 5th or 6th. Blimey, I'm used to relegation dog fights and mid table finishes.

      I think the balance is not there at the moment. Also, would love to see some fresh blood up front.

      Once Harry can correct the above, I cant see why we cant pose a serious challenge next year, assuming all key players stay and we weed out the crap eg Keane.

    • Joan -

      Whilst I understand and empathise with your frustration, I think sacking Redknapp at this stage would be a huge mistake, reactionary and short sighted.

      1. We don't know he's off to manage England, there are many factors which could stop that.

      2. We haven't played well recently, but before xmas we were playing good attractive football.

      3. We performed very well in the CL, dispite no one fancying us. And I loved every second (well apart from the first Madrid game)

      4. We have a good idea what needs to be done to improve.

      5. 3 years ago I would have been delighted with finishing 5-6, thats a measure of how far we come in a short period.

      Finally I believe having a consistent and settled team will be more likely to bring us success than a constantly changing merry-go-round of staff and players.

      Chin up Joan! you follow a great club with huge potential, you have masses to be thankful for! imagine you could be one of those poor spammers! then you would have a reason to be ringing the death bell!

      Laters Yiddsters

      Much lilly white love all round!

    • Joan your time to become a Goon I think

    • Another fickle supporter. enough said