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    Transfer Limits

    I would hate to see Spurs turn into a Man City/Chelsea obscene money factory with annual manager changes, non-uk players and total discontent if the team fails to win cups/leagues.
    Keep Spurs as it is with sensibly priced transfers buys, a good youth policy and on-going consistent management.If they do not win cups/leagues but give us the normal ups and downs of football then finishing 5th, 6th is not a problem.
    The game needs transfer fee limitations not Tesco Uniteds. Even banks go bankrupt!

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    • Use the Arsenal model you mean?

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      • It was the Spurs "model" long before it was there's. We were passing the ball about while they were cavemen. Wenger didn't invent good football...he didn't even bring it here. It was here before he got off the ferry, in spite of what the media will tell us. As for the transfer market, it's there to be used, and we've used it. Nothing wrong with that. But we only spend what we can afford. The Arsenal model is to take the high moral ground. Raid the European academies, get young players on the cheap and then condemn clubs who buy. Insult clubs who use a perfectly legal long throw, or play a physical game and sometimes punt away a long clearance.What Wenger did introduce into English football is snobbery. No we're not as high and mighty as Wenger's darlings, we're better than that! And better to watch.

      • Is that the Ar$e model that sometimes includes fielding an entire team with no English player? Don't think so.

    • Or you start playing the youths in the cup games and concentrate on the league. But i'm sure like every one else tottenham needs strikers who are consistent scores and can put at least 20 goals in a season.

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      • I see where you are coming from OP and it is probably an age thing. The younger Spurs supporters will probably just want to see trophies and not care about the fact that we have 11 players on the park that you can't even pronounce or a debt the size of Dawn French's lunch box.

        I agree with you. Thinking about it, would I want to win the PL but have those things happen to "my" team? Actually no I wouldn't.

        On balance I would be happy to see us finish 4th or 5th or even 6th every year with a decent squad and no debt around our necks.