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  • Layla Layla May 16, 2011 01:23 Flag

    liverpool win

    just finished watching us win at anfield for the 1st time in yrs!

    i think klinsmann & sheringham scored last time we won there.

    anyway, i was dreading the match- an in form pool against are out of form team & at a place where we have a terrible record.

    but we played really well & always looked pretty much in control.

    iv been critical of harry & the boys lately, but hats off, u performed really well!

    i thought harry won the tactical battle with kenny.
    talk of sacking him is laughable!

    i loved seeing king & dawson back together. probably my fav all time spurs CB partnership!

    anyone got a different fave all time spurs CB partnership? vega & richards lol.

    they both compliment each other so well. dawson looks so much better with king by his side.
    not saying dawson has been bad as he is usually decent.

    what a legend king is, still my fave spurs player.
    not played in ages, cant train! & then he pulls out a performance like that against the likes of suarez & carroll!

    even when he got caught out, he made a recovery block or tackle.

    dawson was great too alongside him especially against carroll in the air.

    rose did a very accomplised job at LB. i think we have our competition for ekotto now. that will save us buying a LB in the summer.
    & to think its not his normal position!
    lets promote some young english players!

    kaboul did ok at RB. not outstanding there but pretty realiable although i always expect him to switch off once or twice. still a handy defensive utility player to have.

    modric was outstanding! another top display & a goal to boot.
    i was worried about who was going to take it as vdv had just gone off & to make matters worse defoe had just come on. & we all know how bad defoe is at pens.
    but iv seen modric score pens for croatia so i had some confidence!

    pienaar grow as the game went on. works hard, good with the ball & makes it very hard for players to tackle him without fouling him. linked up well & won a pen. although to be fair i thought it was a foul BUT just on the edge. but we all know how dodgy webb is as a ref.

    liverpool will feel hard down by that decision but hopefully they are objective enough to remember they have had 2 pens given for them this season, even thou both fouls were outside the box. sunderland being the most recent 1.

    sandro did a good job again. he is an assured DM & 1 of our finds of the season.

    lennon, defoe, crouch & vdv all did ok but not outstanding BUT maybe due to not seeing enough of the ball or being isolated.

    vdv scored a good goal, yes it was deflected but it was a good chest down & he hit it well.

    cudicini was assured in goal although he didnt have a lot to do. but no mistakes either! good back up to have.

    probably our most accomplished away performance of the season when u take into consideration the opposition & the form of both clubs.

    on a bad note, i was dissapointed with some of the liverpool antics. i had them down as a very fair team.

    i saw kuyt dive for a pen & constantly moan at the ref. maxi did a pathetic dive for a pen too.
    suarez was also going down all the time trying to win a free kick & lets not forget his needless kick at dawson. he was lucky to stay on.

    now lets beat brum at home (& possible send them down) & end the season on a high.

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    • Guess you never saw any of the great spurs teams that won things if you think King and Dawson are best pairing, if you never want us to win anything stick with arry always good for a line or a laugh thats him and that will be us for a long time with him in charge !, we beat the unbeatable great liverpool away, shall we mention wba, wigan, blackpool etc oh no just liverpool away, arry can't take us any further time to move on and up without him

    • so who was Gordon Smith then? LOL
      didnt we have a FB of that name in the 80's...anyone?

    • You're right jimmy - it was Gary Stevens I was thinking of.

      I knew we got one of our players from Brighton :-)

    • ahh Kentish, I think Roberts came from non-league Weymouth...or did he play for Southampton for a spell...he was like Dave McKay..we havent had many like him..
      I reckon you are getting confused with Gordon Smith of Brighton...

    • Good review, and agree on all those points. Rose has shown he can be a good backup for the LB position. King great as ever, have to eat some humble pie about Dawson he put in a good shift.

      On a side note saw the Blackburn Man U game and thought Samba was excellent for Blackburn, and one we could possibly look at. Not sure of his age (think 27) and it may suit Spurs but there are rumours linking him with our noisy neighbours.

      I like pienaar as a player a good sqaud member to have and worked really hard in the middle. Likely we will get Parker, saw him with Jamie Redknapp in the stands as few games ago.

      So two top class forwards needed, a CB and some trimming of the current crew, and we should be alright.

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      • berkshire- id like dos santos back too as he has shown promise. i dont think bostock is ready yet thou, send him on loan next season.

        beni- mabbutt & razor, id be worried about the lack of pace & ample bellys!

        rambro- thats why im such a huge king fan, great temperment & leads the defence so well. he is the only CB we have of that mould. we need to sign another like him in the summer.

        i rate your sambas, jags etc but they arent the calm, organised reader of the game we need. we have dawson & kaboul for the aerial & strength side of things.
        i honestly dont think harry likes dos santos attitude which is why he hasnt had a fair crack.

        agreed about walker, i thought he played well for us before he went on loan. ah well!

        jimmy- those CBs are way before my time although iv seen clips of england who looked good in the air & reminded me of dawson.
        maybe roberts & miller would get a lot of red cards these days?

    • i echo all the praise and would add to it - only wish they'd played with such spirit throughout the season....! but well done.

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      • I liked Paul Miller and Graham Roberts..both tough tacklers and weren't afraid to mix it...had that 'nasty' streak handy in a central defender..going back a bit further, Mike England and Phil Beal..
        does anyone think Cudiccini is up to playing one full season?..I dont want to see Gomes ever again..and do we have any decent young keepers out on loan still?
        I see Bostock was on the bench..would be good to see how he's developing..

    • agreed layla i to have been critical of arry lately.

      Sandro really impreased me today he seems to be getting better and better ive been saying all season lets get dos santos back and walker and play them also want to see bostock playing first team football next season.

      Good to see king back he seems to calm the defence and make them assured still think we need a quality cb in the summer a striker and a goalkeeper

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      • Good win (although I put an astersik next to it...who really wants Europa League next season...we don't need it and neither do Liverpool who's league fortunes seem to get better once they were out of this year's version). Anyway, any win by us at Anfield is a good win.

        Berkshire, you hit on a good point regarding King and his calming influence in the centre of midfield...it's those qualities in addition to the regular stuff you want from a good CB, that we need to be looking for (let's face it Gallas and Kaboul are quite serviceable in the CB position, but they don't bring the same overall feeling of confidence to the defense as a whole). So who do you see stepping in, as King is not going to be a week in week out player, probably ever again.

        As for the young uns' I'm hoping with all this talk about cost cutting, the bean counters aren't going to be targeting the young (and English) talent that we have. I caught a glimpse of Bostock in two pre-season games, and while he had a touch of the Taarabt's (held the ball a little too long at times), you can tell the lad's a bit special and coul definitely contribute. Dos Santos I fear will be a gonner this summer...we all know the kid is quality, you see it every time he puts his country's shirt on, which begs the question, you only play but so many international matches in a year, how is it that he can step right into the national team and shine, but never has the same effect when he gets that rare chance with his club team? It could be down to communication, or maybe style of play (J. Hernandez seems to have adapted well, and quickly at Man U). just could be plain ol' personality clashing with not just 'Arry, but maybe with some of his team mates? In any case, he should have made his mark by now.
        Walker; he'd be my first choice RB based on how's been going at Villa; and to be honest he did well in teh few appearances he made for us (I was dismayed that we sent him on loan in the first place). Corluka is steady at the back, and Hutton can be quite explosive going forward, wish we had the combination in one body!

        Back to the topic at hand - didn't watch much of the game (we were 1-up when i switched on, and the old superstitions kicked in (they're up one without me watching, so I wont watch and jinx them...so clicked off and watched something else...checked back later, we were up by 2..."oh yes, it's working!"). Watched a good chunk in the second half and watched us repel and stymie wave after wave of attack by Liverpool; and looked very comfortable doing it...then switched again, finally hung in for the 5 mins of injury-time at the end and sighed with relief (and wondered why we couldn't beat Wigan or West Ham or Blackpool this season? Where would we be with say 9 of those 18 points instead of the 3 we got; hell where would we be if we got all 18 of those points?

      • having king in the team boosts everyone. we are a btter team with him and daws does get a massive lift . it was great knowing he was gonna play ans i pray he can play more and more.
        as for fav pairings its hard to beat king and daws. how about mabbutt and neil ruddock.lol

        i think some times we over analize the games, and i do intend to reflect more on it but right now i just wanna take my hat off to harry and the players . we beat a inform liverpool team at their home ground for the first time in 16 years or so.

        so for me right now on the game WELL DONE BOYS. now lets get 5th place sorted and finish on a high.