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  • Sfer Sfer May 16, 2011 22:34 Flag

    Pool win and player choice

    Did we win at Pool because we didn't have any real pressure to do so? Arry has already taken the pressure off getting 4th and being in the Europa set up so, did we win because we were so much more relaxed or because Pool played badly?

    OR, did Arry read them the riot act and this time it worked?

    The problem is, if we won because there was no pressure that would suggest that we bottle the big games but actually the opposite is true. We play better and get better results against the big clubs and play badly against the lower teams which we should beat far more easily. Not sure what is going on.

    Just as many on here (me included)are saying King has to be let go he comes in and does a great job. But is that flattering to deceive? How many times are we going to be seduced into beleiving that King is back and back for good only to find him out for another few weeks or even months?

    When you look at our squad without emotion, you can't but help to think we have enough to be right up there in the thick of it next year again. Loads of cover at the back especially if King and Woodgate are fit. Rose looking good, Walker back from Villa. OK Gomes is a worry but Cuducini is a very adequate deputy.

    The Midfield is very strong both in terms of talent and cover so we should be confident there. Yes ok we all know we need another one if not two quality strikers but even Arry and Levy know that so it is just a case of waiting to see if they can land them in the summer.

    The only questions then are - can Arry lead us forward, make the right team selections, find a way of getting the best out of VDV without comprimising the balance of the team and motivate the players enough to beat the likes of Blackpool and Wolves?

    If Arry can't do it next year, with the squad he has got now and hopefully with a couple of new strikers, then I can't see him being around the year after. Make or break Arry old Son, make or break.

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    • Well put Sfer, well put.

      You'll note the 'pool don't defend 4+4, preferring to play attacking possession football.

      We have done well against teams that play like this. We've got a fantastic squad of players and I haven't seen them once fall short of effort all season at WHL.

      Hopefully Harry can find the key to unlock the points from lesser teams in the coming year.

      They (the management team) will certainly have to make better use of the squad than they have this season if we get into the Europa cup, that's for sure.

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      • Well I think you answered one of your own questions there Sfer - motivation. The team are up for it in the bigger matches but seem to approach lesser teams at a canter or maybe even treat them with a little contempt? It's almost a sort of 'we can beat AC and Inter so you'll be a walk over'.

        The games against Young Boys said it all and should have served as a warning but on hindsight that doesn't appear to be the case. A minor tweak behind the scenes needed - maybe send big Joe in with an even bigger stick for a 'team talk' before we play lesser opposition :) Hopefully the whole team can learn from this for next season.

        As regards King I'd be very sad if Spurs didn't show some loyalty towards a player who has been immense for us over the years and is as dedicated to us as virtually any other player in our history. I agree that we can't rely on him from a fitness point of view any more but I believe he has so much more to offer behind the scenes as well. If I was in charge I'd offer him a coaching / ambassador / player role whereby he's on a lower basic salary but with a good appearance bonus for those games where he is fit.