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  • Robert Robert May 19, 2011 15:52 Flag

    Defoe unhappy

    Drogba or someone of his ilk is what is required.

    Unfortunately none of the current forwards can hold the ball up long enough to develop the play, except for VDV.

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    • I REALLY hope that comment about Anelka was joking KM. That sulky creep is not what we want, and anyway, he is another one that spends most of his time treading on the MF's toes rather than being up front.

      I also don't think Drogba would consider coming to WHL for one second. His ego wouldn't let him.

      I have already posted on here about what people think about Adebayor comng to us and the feelings were roughly 50/50.

      Lastly, has ANYBODY ever seen Crouch score from outside the box? Ever? My Ar$e supporting Son took great pleasure in ribbing me incessantly the other night after seeing Crouch in a television advert where he plays for some Sunday morning side and scores a header. He thought it must have been a very long session and even then they had to tell the other players to stand still.

      Everybody tells me he has great feet for such a tall lad and that he holds the ball up well.....when? I just can't see it...sorry.