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  • oldspural oldspural May 20, 2011 03:21 Flag

    Keep Defoe sack Harry

    Harry can't see that playing van der vaart and 1 up front is not working we were better with 1 big 1 small up front its time to move on , Harry just doesn't get the big club thing, he took a side that had finished 5th in the league who were lost under ramos, kept them up, spent money and got 4th place now he thinks he's god if we make any comment were idiots ! time to move on get a manager with experience of managing a big club, change the system and move forward ps levy redelop the lane stop pratting about in someone elses back yard just GET IT DONE !!!

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    • No room for any Prima Donnas at the lane. The boss is the boss. I think your memory is letting you down. Where were we when Harry first came? Enough said.

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      • where ramos put us as I said any reasonable manager would have lifted that squad away from trouble I'll say again too much small team thinking we are a big club believe it and want it then get the right manager and do it also stay at the lane get it rebuilt a/s/a/p

      • Anne,
        I like 'arry, but I think toooooo much emphasis has been placed on our position when he took over (mainly by 'arry - has he stopped saying '....did you know we only had 2 points from 8 games when I took over...' yet?). Fine, it was a dire position, but the squad that 'arry inherited was the basis of what we have now. I don't think what 'arry did with that squad says as much about 'arry's talent as it does about Wendy Ramos's lack of it (or at least his inability to speak English). IMHO the squad was a top 6 squad when he took over - 'arry just got them believing in that again.

        PS again, I'm not a Daffy lover (or hater) - I just find the 'myth' of Daffy being this prolific scorer a bit tough to swallow. AND if he has ever formed a partnership with anyone, can someone show it (and that includes Crouch at Pompey)? Just out of interest look at http://soccernet.espn.go.com/stats/assists/_/league/eng.1/year/2007/barclays-premier-league?cc=5739
        - toggle between the Assists and Top Scorers and see where Daffy fits in that scheme of things. Then go through the years from 2007 and do the same. Who has he helped score? He got 18 last season, and I can't repeat this enough, that was on the back of 5 goals in a 9-1 drubbing of Wigan.

        I think the ESPN site shows the partnership formed by Keane/Berba pretty well (as in the season where they got a hatfull of goals, they also chalked up assists) - and loosely that also exhibited early on by VdV and Crouch (although a big man knocking down long balls doesn't really constitute a partnership IMHO). So to see a partnership, that is what I'd be looking for - goals from both, and assists from both. (OK, before someone says '...but look at all the amazing runs that dragged the defenders out of position....', I know scoring and assists isn't all - but it is a major part of a 'partnership')

        So keep Daffy? Yep - I would as I think he will score. Maybe a dozen or so based on previous 'track record'. My only concern is that when he doesn't score, he doesn't lend much to the team - as he is not a provider and doesn't track back. The only other issue may be that a new striker may have to be 'big' to pair with him, thereby limiting options (as I don't think 'arry likes playing two small ones - and really that isn't an efficient use of our 'wingers' either).

        Of the three (on the assumption that Keane is gone), I think I'd let Crouch and Pav go before Daffy - but that would be on the presumption that we buy in a big CF to compensate.

        So keep 'arry? Most definitely. In the time he's been here, he's done pretty well IMHO. If we get 5th this year, that will be a fair result giving the CL 'intrusion'. 5th or above next season will be even more difficult than this - but with a bit of luck and a fair wind, I can see us finishing anywhere from 2nd to 6th.

    • VDV is not messing anything up.

      I say we should stop classing him as a midfielder / playmaker, he's a STRIKER for us, so simple, we just need someone fast and can head alongside him. [Falcao, Forlan, Llorente, could be anyone... even Crouch although he's a bit of a hit and miss]

      #how can you even think about sacking Harry?

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      • Whilst I have my doubts about Arry I don't beleive it is right to get rid of him. We need consistency and Arry has not done anything that is worthy of being sacked. Give him some more time I say.

        But I do agree that VDV has messed things up. But thats not his fault. He is a great player and has scored some good goals but by trying to fit him in the side we are unbalanced. Also, you can't call anybody that spends most of thier time in either MF or defence a "striker".

        Arry either has to find a way of playing him that fits with our style and with the other players we have OR bite the bullet and leave him out. Not easy either way but it ain't working the way it is at the moment so something has to change. Personally I would tell VDV to stop dropping so deep and stay up front where he is supposed to be and if he drops back behind the halfway line I would fine him and let the rest of the team have half an hour in the shower with his wife after the game! That might make him listen.