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    best spurs 11 in your lifetime?

    the season ended on a high with a win & 5th spot.

    so i thought we (or prob just me as no1 else wants to) could all name our best spurs 11.

    the only rule is they had to play in your lifetime & u remember them!

    id throw in the likes of gazza & lineker but to be fair iv only really seen clips of them.

    heres mine,

    carr king (c) campbell ziege

    ginola modric sandro bale

    sheringham klinsmann

    keeper= robinson. in his prime he was a great shot stopper & a top keeper. shame he lost his confidence. starting to reproduce that form now.

    RB= no top 1s i can think of so il go with carr in his prime. bombing down the right & the occasional stunner like against utd! left us because of a lack of ambition & joined newcastle!

    CB= my fave spurs player king for obvious reasons! top captain as well.

    CB= campbell. yes he is a judas etc but was a great player for us.

    LB= im going to go with ziege. classy player & a great left foot. could score free kicks & belters too.

    RM= ginola was a dazzling player to watch, what skill. probably played more on the left wing but i wanted to fit him into the team!

    CM= going to go down as a legend.. modric.
    great on the ball. his passing,control,movement & ability with the ball is second to none. would easily fit into the barca midfield.

    DM= sandro! yes, i know its very early but i feel he is on his way to becoming our best DM in my lifetime!

    LM= bale! great power & pace on the ball & a wicked left foot.

    ST= klinsmann, what a finisher! very clinical, got in great positions & could score spectacular goals as well as tap ins. & lets not forget THAT celebration!

    ST= another legend..sheringham! what a player & probably the best football brain iv seen in my lifetime. great partnership with jurgen!
    he would be my vice captain!

    manager= has to be harry! keep up the good work.

    can anyone match that?

    is anybody even reading this?

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