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  • Old Peculiar Old Peculiar May 24, 2011 22:59 Flag

    best spurs 11 in your lifetime?

    Good old and new memories X1
    Pat Jennings
    Ledley King
    Joe Kinnear
    Gareth Bale
    Dave MacKay
    Gary Mabbutt
    Darren Anderton
    Martin Chivers
    Jimmy Greaves
    Luka Modric
    Gary Lineker

    Fantastic Lane servants

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    • Pat Jennings...could catch the ball with just one of his giant maulers! Great keeper!
      Joe Kinnear. Feisty little right back, remember him and Brian Kidd slapping each other snotless in a cup replay, both got shown the tunnel!
      Mike England. Solid, dominating in the air.
      Graham Roberts. Good organiser, tough defender.
      Cyril Knowles. Great defensively and a fine crosser of the ball.
      Jimmy Pearce. Not really. :-)
      Alan Mullery. Good marker and would make a few goals. Remember him ALMOST marking Pele out of the game in the 1970 world cup.
      Gazza. Joy to watch, magical feet, could have been the best in the world!
      Glenn Hoddle. Had everything (except a tackle) Could pass to an ant 50 yards away, hammer shot, tricky feet would be head and shoulders above anyone in today's game! When he was manager at Spurs, he could do things that the players playing for him couldn't do on the training ground!
      Gareth Bale. My one concession to today's players, but fully deserved for the excitement he produces against top defenders.
      Jimmy Greaves. Privileged to watch him play. maestro, genius, icon, gentleman.
      Martin Chivers. Big powerful goal-getter for England and Spurs. No one thought he would be anything without Ron Davies but he proved them wrong!
      Great thread, SB. I could probably name a different eleven who would be as good. Maybe we should list our top 50 or something..it's a shame to leave out Ossie and Ricky, Stevie,Teddy etc....Feet rooted firmly in the past...what a great place to be!

    • People like Modric, Bale and VDV don't do it for me as one season is not enough to be called a great IMO. Apart from the fact that Sicknote is someone I see regularly all he is known for now is throwing lot's of "white" parties. Not a "great" IMO

      Lineker was a great goalscorer but more for England than for us and certainly could not compare to Greaves.

    • Was raised the Right way on the Park Lane Was raised the Right way on the Park Lane May 25, 2011 23:02 Flag


      Perryman/England/King/Maurice Norman


      pick any 2
      Greavesie/Gilzean/Bobby Smith/Klinsman/Chivers/
      Manager Bill Nic