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  • Robert Robert May 27, 2011 21:46 Flag

    bye, bye 'arry

    Come across this on a twitter page, LOL.

    Firstly: entirely agree. A Pompey-enduring pal just this morning warned me we’re balls-deep into ‘The Harry Exit Plan’.

    Phase One: constantly remind everyone just how well you’ve done and That the fans should be grateful for bringing the good times back.
    Phase Two: develop demob happy attitude. Fail to see off inferior opposition? “It was one of those days. The boys did everything but put it in the back of the net.” Draw a vital derby when only three points would do? “We played nice football and gave the fans a show, didn’t we?” Capitulate and hand Man City our Champions League slot? “We’ve overachieved and they’ve got loads of money.”
    Phase Three: Start drip-feeding a few moans to the press.
    Pahse Four: Ensure media pals exaggerate these moans, paint you as wronged man, hoodwink less savvy fans.
    Phase Five: Leave.

    The “there might not be any cash this summer” leak sees us move stealthily into Part Three. You’re right, Dave: he may not see out the summer.