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  • spare a thought, or rather don't, for poor dimitri this afternoon as man u were demolished by barca - he was so ambitious to play for them that he couldn't get out of WHL fast enough and here he ends up being dropped for what would have been the biggest game of his life. poor dimitri!

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    • SB you could be right and i think this sort of thing will happen, and also bear in mind Martin Jol will have first pick before QPR because a lot of the guys know him and love him, even if we split the dead wood it would be good money coming in everybody will be happy as the dead wood will still be playing premiership football and we should earn good revenue.

    • hopfeully the rich qpr owners will spend big on our deadwood.

      we could offer keane, jenas, bentley, bassong for 25m!

      & throw in naughton, townsend & dos santos on loan as part of the package!

      qpr team nxt season. fill in the gaps with current qpr players.

      naughton bassong

      bentley jenas dos santos


      that should be enough to keep them up!

    • KM what does Harry not see that us fans can see with some of his purchases or sometimes his lack of purchases in the area we most need position filling, he seems hell bent on midfield players and players of a mature age is it that Levy runs the show on his own, last year when he signed VDV it was a last minute deal that was done by Levy all transfer deadline day he said there were going to be no signings, is he in the mix or not i for one do not think he is its Levy pulling all the strings i think.

    • Bit the same as Parker really isn't it MEL - he snubbed us not once but 3 times if I recall (Barcodes, Chelski and the Hammers).

      I agree that buying Cole would be a retrograde step - unless 'Arry is building a 2-tier team, ie one for the PL and one for the Ropey League. That'd kind of make sense, but I'd still rather he stayed as far away from WHL as possible TBH.

    • He will not want a small wage, thats why he opted for Liverpool because he went on a free transfer and 100k a week, why should we even pay a fee for him he has not played for them, how do you go from free transfer to 3 million pounds when you have not been on the field, Harry leave well alone he did not want to come early this season when you held out the olive branch he is injury prone and has lost his way. Whether Harry listens or not its a move backwards.

    • Redknapp will get the best out of joe cole. If we can get him cheap and on a low wage then i think it will benefit us in the long run, he still has a lot to offer and i'm sure he still has the creativity to split open defences. he just needs to regain his confidence and Harry will help him with that.

    • SB certainly hear what you say they are distinct possibilities, seems Harry still wants to buy midfield players instead of CB and a forward, and if he wanted to get Beckham on board last year there is something in the Joe Cole story, Cole only signed for Liverpool last year for the dosh, it amazes me we now have to pay a fee for him and whats he done since his transfer to Liverpool. Would not want him personally but i feel it in my water he will be a Spurs player soon.

    • i hope u are right mel! its probably just me fearing the worst!

      but u wouldnt put it past harry signing a crock like cole.

      & i wouldnt put it past levy selling modric if a big offer is made.

    • I'd have back like a shot, top drawer quality and in a position that we need to bolster badly. Sadly Harry seems intent on gathering huge numbers of midfielders and centre backs. His recent signings have been poor or unnecesary in as much as none have become certain starters in the team. We didn't need Piennar and most certainly don't need Joe Cole who is not cheap at £3m plus big wages when he is pretty old, injury prone and has shown no form at all at Liverpool. So lets sign Berbatov who is top quality and Premier league top scorer from a fairly low number of starts.

    • Rambro agree with everything you say on the man, personally i dont think he will be able to come as no doubt Ferguson will not want to be proven wrong so i think it will be back across the water, also your point on the press getting the figure wrong as usual same as Modric is correct i could never see a man with his talent leaving Utd for the price of 7.5 million not when you see Carroll moving to Liverpool for 35 Million the good old press eh!
      Still stranger things have happened and you never know he may just want to put things right. I admired him so much at the Lane yes mardy but so is Ronaldo and other top players as you suggest. Fingers crossed for me but whatever happens we need some fire power up front.

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