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  • Looks like SAF is winding up for a big bid for Modric after Saturday's drubbing at Wembley.


    Stand firm Daniel Levy or your words in the programme last Sunday that our best players won't be sold will stick in the craw of all those who voted for Modric as player of the season. To say I'll be extremely disappointed if Levy caves in for money is putting it mildly :-(((

    As Modric has publicly stated he doesn't want to leave let's hope he's as good as his word too.

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    • i know, it's very frustrating - the aim should be to bury teams like man u, for ever!

    • im not 1 to swear. i think theirs no need for it.

      but if we lose modric & end up with cole then i think quite a few swear words will come out!

    • To much PR from spurs for this not to happen. Looks like they will sell him.

      On the bright side I see in this mornings paper that we are replacing him with Joe Cole. What a coup. Modric for Cole. Way to go boys.

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      • i hope u are joking robert.

        modric for cole is a kick in the teeth to us.

        we can kiss goodbye to any CL hopes for next season if this happens.

        i agree with nick, modric is our most important player & would be the hardest to replace.

        the only way we should sell him is if modric hands in a transfer request & utd bid at least 35m.

        he is worth that these days.

        carroll 35m, berbatoss 30.5m, carrick 18m, torres 50m etc

        then modric is worth 35m.

        praying we dont sign joe cole & lose modric!

    • I see Sicknote has said Modric is the ideal person to fill Scholes's place at Manure.

      Why doesn't he shut up FFS!

    • real talent! you mean like Brad Friedel. Bringing in a 41 year old keeper on a free transfer ain`t what you expect of a team who are looking to go to the next level.It also suggests that the only way Spurs are going to be able to buy big is by selling big. So face facts unless Levy sanctions the transfers of Bale and Modric all it looks like you`ll get is other teams casts offs.

    • Sitting here on the other side of the world I was flabbergasted to read Spurs had put a pprice on Gareth Bale and Luka Modric. I have been a Spurs fan for 40 years and just when you think finally Spurs are going in the right direction they publicly come out and say they are willing to sell their two best players.

      I'm afraid this is a loser mentality. How the hell can they start talking about ambition when they just want to be a feeder club for the real top clubs. Let Modric go and the midfield goes with him. Without Modric suplying the passes and putting in the hard work we resort to long balls up to the front again.

      Get rid of Bale and we have no forward to really worry any defences. Lennon is too inconsistent

      I would really love to see the fans boycotting the first couple of months of home games if they really do sell their most important players. I know it's very easy to say that from Singapore but the reasons people come to see Spurs play is the way we play football, Bales flying runs past defenders, Hudd's 50-yard passes. Modric dribbling past people. Take that away and the heart of Spurs dies.

      No selling of Bale, Modric, VdV, Sandro, BAE, Kaboul, Dawson (but he really does have to do some speed training) and possibly Lennon.

      Then get us a tall, strong, techncally good forward or two (ala Drogba - am I dreaming?), a consistent goalkeeper and a good right back (Kyle? although Kaboul has been doing a good job here), then good support at right midfield and left back (can/does Rose wanna fill this position?), another fit full-back and someone to work the midfield with Sandro. Then we finally have a team that can compete

      Cmon Levy, let the cash flow and Harry stop f*rking about with the likes of Scott parker and get us some real talent.


    • In my opinion Modric is by far the most important player we have, I would sell any other player before him.

      I think if we lose the little man we will be 60% of the team we are now.

      If Bale is worth £40m then I think Midric must be £50m