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  • Born2Suffer Born2Suffer Jun 2, 2011 23:45 Flag


    Looks like Wilson is on his way.

    When he first came here I though he was the new Dave Mackay......I was wrong!!

    It was Sandro I was thinking of.

    Bye Bye Wilson, you were good to start with, but too reckless and your passing is shit.

    Always a grafter, but not good enough for Spurs.

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    • Glad he is leaving. He used to be ok and was a good holding midfielder.
      But the last two years he would be more use if he just curled up next to the corner flag and quietly went to sleep. At least then he wouldnt pass the ball to the oposition or give silly fouls away!

    • keep Palacios he needs to play more and to given a confidence boost, I' rather say goodbye to Woodgate, Hutton, King etc they are never going to be consistant either through ability or injuries so thanks guys goodbye. also arry is not going to come up with anything more he can't see that the forwards can't score with van der vaart playing . defoe needs to be playing week in week out arry is ruining a very good player. sorry arry and thanks but move on now england is your destiny it will be great i can hear it now were not a big football nation you know 1966 was years ago times have . we'll give it a go but you know were not a big nation etc

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      • wilson was one big reason for us not getting relegated, his drive and power was everything we needed , we were so soft centred we made a box of quality street look like mike tyson in a bad mood.
        but his passing is the thing that really hurt us , he would break up play and then pass it to the other team . he let himself slide down the order with really poor passing.

        i think he will always be a bit of a spurs star even if its just the game against ac milan, where him and sandro were amazing.good luck wilson if ur going,hope it all works out for u.

    • Not really sure what happened to Wilson, or what was going on in his head, but he totally de-volved. one minute he was a one man wrecking crew breaking up plays hounding opposing midfielders out of posession...and then...nothing...late tackles, poor passinggeting caught in posession...looked totally out of it...no confidence, no spark = no joy for the rest of the team.

      His brother's kidnapping and subsequent murder had to have played on his mind but if that's the case, is he ready to turn the corner and realise his potential? If not, he may as well hang the boots up...going to Napoli or anywhere else isn't going to be the answer for him.

      Best of luck to him where ever he lands (aren't Napoli in the CL?)
      When he was on form he was good for us as we were lgithweight in the middle of the park, so thanks Wilson Palacios for your positive contributions.

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      • This has given me a jink of hope in another transfer window of utter pish!

        As a Spurs fan I hate transfer windows as they seem to be all the same. We promise much, and apart from when Citeh took off, we were always the club linked with everyone.

        Problem was we got no one - no policy - no oomph - no plan. So we went for big names and got people like Bentley / Keane / Corluka / Hutton - and for big money!

        Then there was always that nagging feeling that one of our stars would go. I detest the media and SAF and his come hither attitude using the gutter press to "tap up" players for him.

        If Modric goes I'll be hurt as he didn't seem like that sort - and I firmly believe if he goes a few more may be off with him - no pride in the shirt or hope for the future.

        I'd love us to get rid of some of this dead wood - hopefully starting with Palacios (atb to him) cut our wages - get a bit of cash - and splurge on those positions we've been crying out for, for the last few years! And make a run for the title - even if we miss it - settle for CL.

        Palacios is not a bad player - but surely we must expect more now that the glory glory days seem just up ahead?!?!


    • Bang on the nail there Born.Thought we had an Essien type.....then he just became a liability.....shame though as didnt he have family problems at the time he dipped in form? Thanks for your contribution Wilson and hope it turns out right elesewhere.
      We have Sandro......and looks like he's the Mackay plus skill!!