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  • just seen Cole coming for 3m......good or bad? mixed feelings me: cheap at the price but as with Liverpool where would he play? thoughts???

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    • rose filled in really well at LB so he has to stay.

      hopefully its just pompey putting in a cheeky bid for him.

      it is becoming a bit of a joke that harry is still trying to buy midfielders or old fogeys rather than the obvious weak areas.

    • Whether or not 'Arry doesn't like Chairman to interfere Beni, we wouldn't have got vdV if Levy hadn't stepped in and snapped him up at the last minute.

      As for the scouts, they'd be the ones who dismissed Luis Suarez as never likely to settle in the PL hence he wasn't worth considering. Hindsight ... such a wonderful thing.

      But with Damiao they've identified someone akin to Sandro - and what a revelation he's been. Let's hope we tie up a deal for him sharpish and give him time to settle in before the start of the season.

      Other than that methinks it's going to be a long long summer ...

    • i wonder what point levy steps in and says " hey harry we need to shift this lot and we need these" u know arry doesnt like a chairman to interfere.

      where are our scouts who are the looking at??? i know that lad from brazil but surley theres more the one scout.

    • Bad signing he seems to be another sicknote we have 2 of them already in king and woodgate we cant afford to carry anymore players like that

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      • i agree rambro, o hara is a better player than cole & much younger too.
        id rather keep o hara too.

        cole would want a big wage as well so any profit from selling o hara would be gone in no time.

        i also agree that parker is a good player BUT we dont really need anyone in that position & he only has 3 maybe 4 yrs left.

        iv already noticed he is picking up injuries more regularly as he gets older.

        maybe if we didnt have sandro then i can see why we would go for parker.

        id rather stick with sandro in the DM position & keep modric alongside him.

        our 5 main priorities in order
        1- keep modric
        2- keep bale
        3- buy 2 fowards
        4- sell jenas, keane, bentley etc
        5- buy CB

        if we do sell a big name than it would have to be VdV although id rather we kept him.

        im happy not getting a LB or RB because we can give walker & rose a go there.

    • I've had such a good weekend, why oh why did I come on this board to see THIS!! Actually, where did this rumour (if indeed it is a rumour) come from...the press, yes I know, but which rag or rags wrote this as I was unable to find any mention of it today.

      My take - I know someone's doing the maths - O'Hara out for 5 or 6 mil, spare 3 of the for JC - but here's the deal, Cole's a friggin crock, he's not been the same since the knee injury, I even see him favouring that side when he runs, he's finished and we should not be looking to buy players like him (has-beens)! I'd rather we keep O'Hara if that's the case, and i haven't been such a great fan of his (and this was before he ingratiated himself with the club when wishing is loan club well in the Cup a few seasons ago (was it 2...can't remember). But, yes, keep him if means avoiding the extending of charity to one (always overrated) Joe Cole!

      As for this Cole for Modric malarkey, now that's where I believe someone's hving a right laugh...its one thing that Cole comes, but Cole for Modric or vice versa, it makes absolutely no sense at all. Harry, forget Joe Cole, that was then (West Ham) and this is now...not so sure about Parker either, not really a game changer at our level, and would struggle to keep a place on the pitch with the midfielders we've got.

      Priority number one - keep Luka numbers two through, I dunno, 7 would be to get rid of the dead wood. Keane, Bentley, and Jenas head that list, I'm sure there are at least two others.

    • Fat has been who never, ever, realised his early potential and hasn't played regular prem football for ages. Harry has always rated the guy though. I read this morning that this is the replacement for Modric, who, it now seems, is destined for Manure.

      Looks like were swapping oldies for goodies.

      Hope this doesn't happen.

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      • i love harry but signing players like joe cole is plain stupid.

        is harry losing it or what?

        cole always been over rated, injury prone & was awful at liverpool last season.

        he isnt a youngster any more either.

        & we have tons of attacking midfielders already!

        he snubbed us for liverpool anyway.

        losing modric & gaining cole would be a kick in the teeth to the spurs fans.

        we should all protest outside the lane!

    • Seems crazy as he is clearly way past his best and we already have loads of midfielders that cannot get a start. Madness.

    • tell me if i'm wrong but cole could be bring last year for free and now we pay 3 mil. so is not about the money, important is if he can help us or not, we have 14 midfielders now, we can make 3 teas with those (bale, modric, sandro lennon / kranjcar, jenas, hudd, vdv / pienaar, palacios, o'hara, dos santos and remains bentley and rose).............sure palacios, o'hara, bentley, kranjcar will probably leave but we don't need anymore mid, we need a good CB, and probably 1-2 good forward and that's all

    • sounds good to me. Joe cole seriously needs to revive his career and reputation fast, and there's no better stage to do that than at the lane and at 3 mil. will be another bargain buy for harry. just as long as he ain't a replacement for Modric. Im cool with the move

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      • Revive his career how though? Who's he supposed to replace - Bale, Modric, VdV, Sandro or Lennon? Assuming they are all still with us next season they are fast becoming the first choice 5 in the middle. Behind them we have Hudds, Kranjcar, Dos Santos, Palacios, Pienaar, Bentley, Jenas and up and coming talent in the form of Townsend, Bostock, Rose and others who all deserve a few first team games.

        Let's be serious, why on earth do we need to buy any midfielders (again assuming the current crop isn't decimated off season)? £3m isn't a bargain for a player who's done nothing for several seasons and even if he was a bargain at £3m we would be far better using that money in strengthening the defense or attack.

        If Cole (or Parker for that matter) end up at WHL this summer I'll be seriously cheesed off and 'Arry had then better get it spot on next season or I for one will be asking serious questions about his ability to manage a club with consistent top 4 ambitions.

    • him and parker, ammers midfield, arry started their careers, maybe he feels sentimental towards them. If we offload some of the dross we have in MF I suppose just maybe. Can't see them as a step forward really. Parker can still play a bit but what I've seen of Cole at pool, no way is he an improvement. imho.

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      • I'm not happy. He snubbed us for big wages when we were chasing him before, I'm glad he snubbed us because then we would have never got VDV.

        I hope Harry makes him a perminant feature in the Europa League and Carling Cup only, I do not want to see him in the first team, because Modric, Bale, VDV, Lennon is the fantastic four, with Sandro or Huddlestone also dropping into the mix.

        Plus... we already have better quality on our bench/fringes of the team. Palacios, Jenas, Kranjcar, Pienarr, Bentley, Dos Santos etc... depending on who gets sold and whatnot.

        I just hope Harry doesn't see him as a first team premier league games... otherwise I'm happy for Cole as a super-sub. :)