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  • Graeme Simkins Graeme Simkins Jun 9, 2011 11:12 Flag

    Young 'uns

    Ok, so we're all clamouring round the various bits of gossip about the comings and goings at Spurs and the young Kyle's Walker and Naughton have been mentioned.
    Bearing in mind the number of 'new George Best's' we seem to aquire do you not think its about time we should be actually making these guys regular first-teamer's instead of looking to spend millions elsewhere?
    Danny Rose to be sold/loaned - REALLY?? What about Bostock? All the kerfuffle with getting him from Palace but when are we actually gonna see him?

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    • Agreed-

      This kid is one of most techically gifted players we have, he has had some opportunity, but not much and from what I remember he did ok.

      We must give him a chance to shine! if he can perfom like that in the Mexico squad. VDV looks knackered half the time, surely he's worth risking 45 mins on?

      If the lennon- liverpool rumors are true, he'd be worth a go on the right wing. But I hope it doesn't come to that.


    • Isn't all this hindsight? VDV was banging in the goals, Bale was - most people expected Daffy to come back and get a hatfull. Crouch had assisted VDV to get his goals and Pav was always there as an option.
      Don't forget that you have to name a squad - so in Jan (not based on what you know now) - who would you have dropped to allow Santos in? Would you have dropped Daffy at that point? Would you have dropped Crouch and potentially then lost one of the streams of goals you were getting? Would you have dropped Pav - given that he was one of the strikers who was scoring?

      I like the way the man plays for Mexico, but he hasn't exactly set the club scene alight. Maybe he will at Sevilla - maybe Chelsea - maybe 'arry (despite the press), will give him a go pre-season.

    • Young Danny scored a stonker for the U21s the other day against Norway, looked like he was playing wide left of midfield...he was certainly involved in a lot of attacking moves! Anyone else heard this talk about our interest in Rio? Just the job....three injured CBs to choose from! I think Harry would like to link up with him again.

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      • Morning John.

        The issue I have with this is - are we just speculating on these young players? I appreciate we don't pay a great deal of money for them so are we just buying them and hoping they turn into a fantastic player? We farm them out on loan to get experience but they almost never come back and get into the first team. Apart from a couple in the lesser cups the only one I can think of that has got into the first team is Danny Rose.

        Sorry, don't get it.