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  • Sfer Sfer Jun 10, 2011 11:33 Flag

    When Arry goes....

    which he will of course at some point - I have thought about who I think would make a great replacement for us.

    Gus Poyet. He knows the tradition of Spurs, has played at the very highest level so has the players respect, he has done a great job at Brighton, he wouldn't cost the earth and he is young and talented.

    There, I've said it now. Shoot away.

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    • When we did a little thread on here a few months ago, along the lines of 'who if not Harry' I actually advocated Gus Poyet, along with Chris Hughton as a partnership as per Clough/Taylor or Mercer/Allison. I still think it would work, if we did have to lose Harry...but I don't really want to think about it!

    • mourhino first choice....maybe martin o'neill...

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      • Hi all,

        I really like the idea of Poyet. Not sure he has enough experience but love his attitude and style. Mourinho sounds good doesnt it just because his record speaks for itself. However, with our past I dont think he and Levy would get on all that well. We have been run sensibly financially and that requires the board and manager to strike a balance. Mourinho will want want want and the club may struggle going against their philosophy.

        However, I know this name hasnt been mentioned yet, Stuart Pearce. I dont know too much about his style of play but I respect the way he conducts himself, he is young and english with bags of passion (more as a player). He seems very professional and has more experience than most realise. Oh plus he has worked really well with the young english talent and could help us to acquire one or two.


    • klinsmann! the only one.

    • Nice thought Sfer. However, I wonder whether because of his association with Ramos it could be a a tad too soon to think of Gus coming back, despite his popularity.

      OK it's all speculation at the moment, but IMO Chris Hughton would be a good choice - though I suspect Levy probably has other ideas.

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      • I am very well Big G thanks. Hope you are too.

        The problem with The Special One is how long he would stay and how much he would cost and then how much damage would there be to clear up afterwards. Anyway, I really cannot see that even getting off the ground.

        I am on the fence with Hughton KM. Nice enough bloke but lacks Poyet's charisma. Same as with the players, the "big guns" are out of our reach IMO so a really good, young manager is the way forward for me and they don't come much better than Poyet especially as he knows Spurs so well.

    • Given the choice between Poyet and Mourinho there's no contest but I like what you're saying Sfer. Hope you're well mate. (Yahoo seem to have done away with my Big G moniker!!)