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  • Jay Jay Jun 16, 2011 17:18 Flag

    When Arry goes....

    I would love to see Big Martin Jol given an opportunity without a Director of Football and see how he does then......I kinda still feel that we owe him something....and his head is absolutely massive!

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    • At the risk of repeating myself, I just don't understand all this hype about Jol. IMO the wave of support he gets is more to do with how badly he was treated rather than how well he did for us.

      When he was here and got us to 5th it was a different league to what it is now. We deserved to be up there and should have been up there. The other teams around us were not spending quite the ridiculous amounts they are now.

      But lets get serious - any manager that continually picks a player like Tanio is not the sort of manager that I want to see at WHL. Lets put sentiment to one side and look at it dispassionately. We can do better than Martin Jol surely!