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  • Joan Joan Jun 16, 2011 23:18 Flag

    Spurs Bosses Lie

    It's all been a game, these constant protestations that they would never sell Modric and all done just to start a bidding war so they can increase the money they get for him - they don't care about keeping good players because if they did they'd just tell Man U and Chelsea to go jump but what does 'arry say? 'That's not enough', not 'Bug er off'. Bosses lie. it's in their DNA. They don't mind being the feeder for the bigger, richer clubs as long as they get a seat at the poke table with the big boys now and again.
    read it: http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/jun/16/luca-modric-tottenham-manchester-united

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    • Absolutely LTS. If the original plans for the stadium had gone ahead we'd be en route by now and the wage cap could be upped.

    • I think that'll be a bad move Graeme, if we do it for one then we'll lose our wage cap and everyone will want similar rises and new players will expect same. With our stadium we don't have the income to offset that sort of expenditure. Shows how important that new stadium, IF it ever comes, will be.

    • If what I've read about us offering a wage hike to £75k is true we might just keep hold of him!!!

    • No Joan I didn't,

      I didn't ask!

      I find it bizaare that anyone would change their I.D. I see no purpose in it other than to try and promote confusion or to try and falsely demonstrate support.

      I have no idea who you nor do I care,

      If I came out in support of Sfer, its because he often makes interesting points on this board, the only time I see him using colourful language is when he's replying to you/ED, you seem to be the common denominator here.

      As I said Joan/Ed you have made some good/interesting points in the past, which is why I suggested you were doing yourself a dis-service by mud slinging.

      So, let me ask you

      Who do you think we should be looking at if Luka leaves? or do we have enough depth in our midfield already?

      Persoanlly I would like to see us hold onto Niko, at least until Modric decides what he's doing.


    • It's been said time and again about players and loyalty to a club. But if you were offered 3 times your current wage just by moving to a rival, WOULDN'T YOU??? Some of your workmates wouldn't like it but you have to look after number one and your family.
      Having said that I fail to see "WHY" when the amount of money top players can earn over 5 years is humongous and not in a "normal" working man's realm. So how many millions of pounds can they earn in a career that can last 12 - 14 years. Beggars belief you can earn that much from playing a game that you love!!!
      There's a time when, IMHO, greed takes over.

    • Hiding behind false ID's is a very sad thing to do so "Joan" look closer to home if you want to find an idiot. By keep saying that everybody from Bournemouth is an idiot you are clearly telling anybody that bothers to read your drivel that you are the real idiot.

      The fact is that when you cricised me for having a go at Campbell you were actually having a go at a lot of Spurs supporters and you got told so at the time and you didn't like it. Went off and licked your wounds and now back as a 72 year old from the USA - how very sad.

      "wouldn't you like to know who i really am joe?"

      Actually no, my guess is that Joe and everybody else on here has absolutely no interest in knowing who you are. We know already - and trust me it isn't nice.

      Out of respect for the other posters on here who I have listened to over the last few months and who have some interesting, logical things to say, I am not going to respond to you again "Joan" so go on, give it your best shot. Sad little nobody that you are.

    • wouldn't you like to know who i really am joe? keep guessing. point is you didn't even ask who started it. i tried to tell you. i condemned people, including the bournemouth idiot, for throwing homophobic slurs at sol campbell way back his winter. he responded and it went on from there. but you didn't bother to ask did you, joe? just instinctively backed your bigoted mate from bournemouth.

    • The prospect of moving from 42k to 150k roughly, would be too tempting for anyone IPO. Whether he loves the club or not... as any athlete, he has a much more narrow window to make as much income as he can then you or I would working a regular job. The amount city or chelsea could pay him is so much more, you can't really fault the guy.

      He plays hard which everyone likes. If he does move on I wish him all the best, spurs will miss him.

      In a weird way this might fix the midfield problem with having VDV on the pitch, possibly allowing us to play 2 forwards again. Maybe the goals come back for the forwards next year?? One can only hope....

    • Of course it's ed! I said it weeks ago. If not it's his sister or daughter. Tragic.

    • Joan-

      Are you ED with a different I.D?

      From what I read it seemed like you started the mud slinging, I'll re-read and If you didn't then I appoligise for involving myself.

      There's enough nasty shite being slung on other boards and in the news in general, its nice being able to escape that BS and talk Tottenham on here.

      I'm not involving myself in your personal grievances, but your anti-spurs/british views are a little unfounded and OTT IMO.

      Look at the other boards, this is not generally a place for tough talking.



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