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  • Sfer Sfer Jun 17, 2011 10:31 Flag

    Spurs Bosses Lie

    What a warped mind Joan has IMO. So much vitriol and hatred.

    What did she expect Arry or Levy to say "Yes of course Modric is for sale - come on give us your best offer"!! Unless a manager has made up their mind they don't need a particular player, they are ALL going to say the same thing, not just Arry/Levy.

    By saying is he not for sale they are trying to put bidders off and at the very least letting them know they will have to pay top dollar to get him. That is basic good commercial business acumen.

    I don't want to lose him but, having seen Sturridge play the other night (he was the only good thing in the game) if we have to sell him then a deal with Sturridge coming to us would make the pill easier to swallow.

    It would also stop the constant dilema of how do you play VDV and MOdric in the same formation. Not a great silver lining but I am clutching at straws here.

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    • if we keep losing or selling our best players how are we going to a top four club consistently?...

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      • We're probably not!

        With our strict wage cap,
        No CL football- to draw players in,
        Relatively small stadium (although it the best in the world for me) meaning relatively low income from gates.

        We cannot generate enough bunce or offer enough (CL football) to keep players when the financially ridiculous clubs like Chavs/Citeh/Manure are about. We will have to hope for the players we can keep to put in a performance of their lives game after game! and be happy knowing:

        We play superb football (at times),
        We are a viable business and will fit inside the soon to be changing financil rules,
        We have some exciting prospects,
        We will always have high ambitions,
        We are Tottenham Hotspur!


    • This is not gonna be popular but as appetising as a deal with Sturridge included is I'd have Burgertop back in a flash. I don't really get why SAF would let him go - joint top-scorer last season - but I'd have him back over ANY of our strikers.

      And Drogba.


    • not vitriol or hatred sfer, nor even a warped mind. just bitter experience of life. the reassurances that he's not for sale are to keep the simple-minded, like yourself, content for people like 'arry and levy know that simple-minded souls are credulous idiots at heart. at the same time such protests send a signal to chelsea and man u, that says 'we're lying of course, you know the game, what you have to say to the turnstilers to keep them happy!' so make us an offer. and so it goes on. ends up with modric sold, £35 million in the bank and idiots like you saying, well they had no choice at the end, did they? who are we playing first game next season? and 'arry & levy grin.

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      • Strong words there Joan and Sfer...less of the personal baiting and more of the constructive criticism, please.

        Anyway, back to the thread.

        I read the article and another like it and basically all the talk of Luka's worth is coming from his agent, not from Harry or Levy. Now I'm not so naive to think that anybody of quality that we have on the books isn't fair game to clubs who have been more succesful than us in the Premier league era. In this case, Modric; we opened ourselves up to all this type of speculation by not finishing in the top 4. Holding on to players who've just tasted big-time football and attracting equally experienced new players to improve the squad is now a more daunting task than if we had made 4th.
        I wont be surprised if Modric goes...I'd be more surprised (and thrilled) if he stays to be honest, if he does go I hope we spend the money wisely (and if its part-exchange then I hope we hold out for someone good).