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  • if we keep losing or selling our best players how are we going to a top four club consistently?...

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    • We're probably not!

      With our strict wage cap,
      No CL football- to draw players in,
      Relatively small stadium (although it the best in the world for me) meaning relatively low income from gates.

      We cannot generate enough bunce or offer enough (CL football) to keep players when the financially ridiculous clubs like Chavs/Citeh/Manure are about. We will have to hope for the players we can keep to put in a performance of their lives game after game! and be happy knowing:

      We play superb football (at times),
      We are a viable business and will fit inside the soon to be changing financil rules,
      We have some exciting prospects,
      We will always have high ambitions,
      We are Tottenham Hotspur!