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  • Sfer Sfer Jun 20, 2011 11:23 Flag

    Spurs Bosses Lie

    Everybody in Bournemouth is an idiot? Well, sweeping, very stupid comments are your forte aren't they Joan. Bit like me saying all old women in New York are bitter, twisted, lonely, sad, wrinkled and dried up old fools. Obviously I wouldn't say that because it wouldn't be true although obviously some are.

    I think your comment "just bitter experience of life" sums you up old girl...dumped by your hubby for his secretary when it was too late for you to find anybody else was it?

    Anyway, now that Levy has come out and made the very forthright statement about Modric it sorts of puts your view that they are all liars where it should be - with your other insightful thoughts on any football related matter - such as Klinsmann - he is the only one!! That garnered everybody's support didn't it!!

    You just don't like it because I have identified the fact that most things you say have got a spiteful, bitter barb to them. Yes, you may have been dumped by a nasty, horrible, wicked man along the way but get over it. If you can't say anything constuctive - say nothing.