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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jun 17, 2011 18:34 Flag

    Spurs Bosses Lie

    Almost nail on the head there HRJ - Luka knows offers will come in (did you hear the one about Man City for 30 million...not sure what I'd think of the lad if he went there). The way I read it Luka is saying if an offer comes in that Spurs find to good to turn down and the team making the offer is to his liking, then a deal can be done and he'd go; but as long as piss-taking offers come in and Spurs turn them down, then he's happy to stay. A player who puts in for a transfer is a player that wants to leave, he hasn't (yet) so he's basically left in the hands of the brass (oh, and his agent!)