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  • Joe Joe Jun 20, 2011 16:39 Flag

    What do we do if we lose Modric??


    I agree Modders has been our best player this season. Plus the Sturridge deal is the only one won that might sugar coat the bitter pill of losing our star man.

    However, I'm yet to be convinced that VDV could adapt to fulfill the Modric role. This season they have occupied very similar space on the pitch however VDV's energy levels have been dire! Where as Luka's have been amazing.

    I have heard suggestion that VDV was playing with injuries and was just exhausted, I hope that was that case and that we have an improved/invigorated VDV returning, then we may have a ready made replacement,otherwise I'd continue to play VDV further forward.

    I really hope Levy/Hazza can convince him to stay with us for at least another year, But the £42k + Europa league, we are paying and offering may not be enough compared to the likely £150k + champions league, Chavs would pay him.

    Bring in the financial restrictions!


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    • i agree joe. i was thinking ideally what would happen in regards to VdV filling modric's shoes.

      but to be honest, i dont have much faith in vdv being able to do that. but it is worth a shot!

      i cant think of any player we could get to replace modric?

      he is more important to us than bale or vdv.

      id rather lose vdv.

      i get your point about competing with wages etc.

      but to be honest, its our own fault we arent in the CL.
      levy/harry & the boys didnt do all they could.