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  • Mc G Mc G Jun 18, 2011 11:56 Flag

    What do we do if we lose Modric??

    I know, I know,

    Its early days and we can put the gossip down to newspaper sales tactics. But if as us Spurs fans are used to the inevitable happens and Modric leaves (for a respectible sum) how do we line up??

    Is VDV good enough to play in his place leaving two forwards to play up front? Dont forget VDV is a midfielder?

    Or do we try and buy a replacement?

    I think Modric will be a big lose! But no one is irreplacable. Despite what some people say.
    I think we have goo d talent in the team and it will allow us to buy big upfront (hopefully) If we can keep the likes of VDV and Kranjkar? I think they can do a job for us in the middle. Or we could play Hudds and sandro allowing the wingers to supply the attackers and maybe with two more defensive central midfielders we can become harder to break down (like a few seasons ago.)

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    • From Daniel Levy today.

      "For the avoidance of any doubt, let me reiterate that we shall not enter into any negotiations whatsoever, with any club, regarding Luka.

      "We now consider this matter closed."

      Think thats that and we wont be selling him

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      • Nick...you've got to think like a chess player...Chelsea's first offer was low-ball (you never come in with what you would really pay). Levy's statement takes the onus OFF of him if Modric goes, why, you ask? Because for Modric to go at this point he point blank has to request a transfer. Once that happens then the real bidding war begins.

        They need to start putting in some iron-clad clauses into some of these contracts, ones that make the player liable for crap like joining a team when they really want to play for another team; a team that didn't want to take a chance on them when they first became available (I heard United had first dibs on Berbatov way back when, but weren't sure if he'd cut the mustard...and I'm sure we weren't the only team that saw Modric's quality when playing at the international level). Pipe dream I know.

        I don't think we can answer the question posed by this thread, until it actually happens and we see whatwe're left with (40 mil and Sturridge would be a start and i think a step in th right direction, but not the answer...who could we get for that 40 mil (or 35) that would do the job (and I hope we would have a plan for when we face him as he's talented to the point of scary and would eat us alive - particulalry if the split is acrimonius).

      • Levy should stand tall and not give in. And if Modric is really desperate to go, we play mega-hardball/smart and say 40 Mil + Daniel Sturridge. That would please me...