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  • patrix patrix Jun 18, 2011 16:00 Flag

    WHOOOOOOOOOSH....... !!!

    wrong, that's the sound of u su*cking a big black c*ock

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    • Patrix, WTF!!!...and Sfer, "nice"?

    • Nice Patrix :-)

    • don't be a tw@t..... there's nothing wrong with black c0cks or taking it up the p00p chute if you're gay.. the fact that you use comments like that as insults shows you to be the non-progressive, homophobic neanderthal that you are.... typical then that your archaic league plays a dinosaur of a game that is soon to be extinct anyways... what's even more pathetic is how ur 'mates' come out to congratulate you for the utter tosh you post.... why don't YOU address the point and talk about how the team will cope without your midfield engine then?

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      • your name jambo say it all sick b*itch

      • Shut up Jambo. We probably all have black friends and we probably all have gay friends but this is a football forum and dressing room banter is a part of it. If you don't like it pi$$ off to somewhere else with all the other kids that never really had any friends at school.

        What you seem completely unable to understand is that Black people have a sense of humour as well. They take the pi$$ out of white people and they have no problem with getting it back as long as it is done with humour and not spite. I don't get all indignant when a black friend of mine calls me something that you would be offended by which is why I have black friends you you probably don't.

        "why don't YOU address the point and talk about how the team will cope without your midfield engine then?"

        If you read the other posts re Modric you would know the answer to that question you moron. In general, nobody wants Modric to leave but if he does we either rely on what we have got or we buy somebody else. There, not too difficult was it. Plonker.