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  • Jambo Rambo Jambo Rambo Jun 18, 2011 15:48 Flag

    WHOOOOOOOOOSH....... !!!

    that's the sound of modric leaving... the sound of your aspirations flushed down the toilet.... hahahaa

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    • wrong, that's the sound of u su*cking a big black c*ock

    • Interesting!

      Gago was heavily touted 2-3 years ago, I recall him being a very good player. Has he been out of favour? or have the Alonso's/Diarras pushed him down the pecking order and out of contention?

      Whilst I agree Gago would be a good signing, I think that unless we manage to sell Palacios, we have our quota for DM's -Sandro who has looked awsome, Hudds who can be superb or lack-lusture and Palacios.

      We have played Modric as a deep lying midfielder, but before we signed Modric he had perviously played much further forward and been very impressive. I feel that VDV's inclusion meant he had to drop deeper and become more of a CM. I think that having a Sandro as a DM, would allow for either Hamsik/Affelay, who are naturally more attacking, to be accomodated. Both have previously played as CM's for previous clubs.

      If Luka goes, Niko would be my favoured replacement from our current squad (I cannot believe Haz is considering selling him), I'd play him next to Sandro. As highly as I rate VDV I am yet to see the energy required to be a CM, I'd be happy for him to start as an attacking central midfielder as long as we have a decent CF in fornt of him.

      Douglas Costa of Shaktar would also be interesting, I understand that him and Sandro are pretty tight so that might not be completely unrealistic, especially as Shaktar are linked with Niko.

      I'm sure there will be plenty more speculation, after all this is Tottenham!