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  • DEREK W DEREK W Jun 20, 2011 11:44 Flag

    if modric goes how about the others

    from articles in the papers it would appear that chelsea 'tapped upo modsric on the qt.....if he wants to go should/can we we keep an unhappy player....remember how berbatov got his way.....and if he does leave.....how will this affect Bale asnd VDV's attitude ....if they think the club has no ambitiuon....only cash in the bank...
    but if we can take the money and get a worthy replacement and have cash left over?....what then?

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    • According to today's (27 June )papers Chelsea are bidding for Bale & Modric, Liverpool for Lennon, Blackburn for Keene and Seville for Santos. All gossip or what? Despite Chairman's assurances when will they go? How will that affect the leftovers? Who will be bought to replace them? Does it matter that time is running out with the imminent tough start to the season? What ever Spurs will need more support than ever!!!!

    • I don't see an exodous of players if Modric does leave; I doubt that there are that many better options for most of them. Money's tight for most "normal" teams (read, those that aren't bank-rolled by multi-billionaires).

      Anyone think its not a little strange that there are no rumours about our top-goal scorer from last season, a player who garners respect internationally...VDV - do they know something we don't know?

    • Derek,

      I believe that selling modric would be a bad decison. Not just because he's the heartbeat of the team, It is the inevitable disappearence of the rest of our stars, having set a poor example.

      If he goes we would secure big money for him, possibly even bringing a player in in an exchange deal, we could replace modric, he's a good player but he's not irreplaceable.

      If he does stay I don't think Modric would behave in the same way as berba, who behaved like a spoilt child regularly, even before the Manure speculation. I think if we can convince Luka to say even if just for another year, he would put in the performances and continue to work his little Croat but off.

      As far as replacements go - Hamsik of Napoli, looks a decent player. But we do have squad strength, Niko might opt to stay! we could play two more holding players in Hudds/Sandro.

      I really hope he stays, but if he dosen't we still have time and options.


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      • we have got to try to convince him to give us 1 more season & then if we dont get top 4, let him go.

        i dont rate hamsik at all. looked very average in the games i saw him in.

        also he isnt going to leave a CL team for us.

        at least we got 1 of the best DM around in sandro even if modric goes.

        still would only use hudd as a bk up to modric.

        if modric goes then we do need to replace him.

        sturridge looks promising but he isnt yet the finished article.
        but he would be a good signing.