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  • they rave about him as a player but to me he will always a cheating **** !!!!!

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    • I can't stand him!

      For the obvious reasons, I detest this guy. Rotten to the core and sadly reveered for it in large parts of south america.

      His ability cannot be questioned, the other goal he scored against us in the 'H.O.G' game was sensational! truely amazing.

      It seems footballers have had the propencity to be idiots for a long time! it hasn't only happened since the silly money has been thrown about!

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      • typical english skullduggery.... maradona is a legend and the greatest player to have ever graced the beautiful game.. he is not only revered in south america, but just as much in europe, asia, north america... he single-handedly took a relatively obscure napoli to domestic and european domination and performed at the highest level.. unlike that other self-promoting charlatan tw@t pele..... scored a hatful of goals in the equivalent of a sunday league and calls himself the greatest.. idiot.... maradona is the greatest and the whole lot of you are not fit to lick his boots.....