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  • Ricky Ricky Jun 23, 2011 06:08 Flag

    Hulk + Damaio...

    Just think of the goals!

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    • Hulk would be pretty much perfect for the premiership and a great signing for Spurs.

      I don't see you getting players like Rossi or Aguero, there is to much interest from clubs in the CL. Interest in Hulk seems to have died down since the January window.

      I wouldn't mind seeing a player of his calibre at United.

      I also have no clue who Damaio is either. Is he a proven European goal scorer? I personally think that is important for strikers coming to the prem.

      Of course there are exceptions, Neymar is being raved about, and people like Kezman scored a shed load in the Netherlands.

      Unless he is exceptional I wouldn't risk it. I genuinely believe your forward line is much much better than the goal return would make someone believe.

      Daffy and Crouch probably had their worst seasons they've ever had in the prem. Kean has lost it though. Either his legs have gone or his mind isn't in the game. Ever since he went to Liverpool he has been a shadow of his former self.

      He'd still probably fetch 5 mil if he has more than 12 months on his contract left.

    • I know about Hulk-

      he looks decent, but didn't he get banned for a very long time for assulting a ref? Is he a nutter or was he hardly done?

      I know very little about Diamano (sp) Is he currently at Internacional - brasil?

      I can't find much about him?!