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  • john john Jun 25, 2011 11:47 Flag

    Forward thinking Harry please

    How can the likes of Parker..Cole..Forlan..improve the squad, surely we should be going for younger up and coming players like Sturidge..Wickham, and Rodwell......arry always seems to go for players he's had before yet keeps saying we need three quality signings, which should mean better than what we have already got....Whats the odds on him going for Lampard even though he's no where near as good as he was...The above are good players, but surely not going to improve us....any thoughts?

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    • These 3 players will be a very good addition to our team. There really arn't that many other options out there at the moment and with Harry's man management skills he'll no doubt get the absolute best out of these three.

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      • No,

        I agree these three would not improve our squad.

        Although they are all decent I don't see any of them improving us.

        'IF' we keep Sandro then I see no need for Parker, unless we sell Palacios.

        Cole! He scored one screamer against us, that was pretty much the highlight of his season, oh and he cost West Ham that game with his delightful back pass to Defoe. No, I see no need for Cole, I'd rather we kept Pavvy and possibly gave Dos Santos a chance as a small forward.

        I think Forlan would be Ok, but not a great, he's past his peak. Plus I don't think he'd be interested. If he was he could have pushed a move to us in either of the last two windows, when he was heavily likned to us.

        I agree, I rather we looked at younger, better players. Rather than hoping that Harry can get something out of has beens and past it players (maybe slightly harsh, but you know what I mean)

        We need a statement signing!