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  • ed ed Jun 27, 2011 00:45 Flag

    Dos Santos

    right calgary resident - he can score great goals and get spurs back into CL contention but if he doesn't bow & scrape to 'arry at training and, unlike the rest of the team of course doesn't stay sober & well-behaved: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-518530/Tottenham-celebrate-Carling-Cup-victory-drunken-brawl-Essex-nightclub.html - then obviously he can't be picked, can he??!!

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    • Some good feedback to a provocatively posed query.
      (excuse my spelling too).
      Calgary...we all know about Gio's not so professional side; but I can't believe that what he's done in the past is an on-going repetitive thing (but then again all you have to do is suck a d*ck once to be labelled a c*cksucker, right?). No, its more like someone said, Harry with vaunted man-mangement skills seems to have a hard time with the hard-headed talented youthful ones
      I won't be repetitious re: Taraabt (he has his faults, but he's definitely got talent).

      What will be a shame is, we lose these precocious kids and they go on to superstardom with some other team. Yes, hard graft will get you picked in most cases, but a good manager is also going to pick what's right for the team (loaning out Walker to Villa...didn't that happen in the January transfer window? He was with us for a bit in trhe first half, went somewhere else and then to Villa...WTF was that about? Bostock? Not even a squad number for someone who we went to a lot of troouble to get.

      Personally i don't hold out much hope for Gio staying...but if he goes let's hope the asking price skyrocketed based on his recent international performances (albeit against less than stellar opposition).

      Lastly, I'm not a fan of the You Tube highlight reel - great goals and cheeky skills against dogs for opposition can be very mis-leading (but I did love that screamer he scored for us at the beginning of the reel).

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      • I suspect Gio's time will come this season. I'll keep my rant short as I'll probably be covering the same as everyone else...
        ...We're shocking in the transfer window, we have nothing to offer, no CL, a wage cap and half of our best players look like leaving, who's gonna come but has-beens and hopefuls?
        I don't disagree with the wage cap but it should be somewhat higher and our new stadium would be under way if we'd stuck with the original plan.
        Gio's time will come because we'll be severely lacking if Modric, Bale and Lennon go.
        Nice one,Dan and 'Arry. Thanks for one good season.