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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Jun 29, 2011 23:52 Flag

    Dos Santos

    FFS will you all stop with the personal insults!

    Joan/Ed/whoever you are - you seem to delight in deliberately baiting people to see what reaction you get or taking offence at what others post. For the most part we have sensible debate about our club but if you don't wish to join with that then I for one would prefer you not to post at all. You can slate me for having that opinion if you like but I really don't want to see our board drop to the level of vitriol and tripe so prevalent on some of the other club boards on Yahoo.

    This is a Spurs football board so PLEASE can we just concentrate on things Spurs-related and stop the petty backbiting that seems to be pervading the board of late.