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  • sledge sledge Jun 27, 2011 12:29 Flag

    Dos Santos

    Redknapp is just too bl00dy minded with players of Dos Santos skills and attitude. If a player doesn't show the same graft as squad players, then 2nd rate players that graft more will get preferential treatment. I do understand where HR is coming from, but it's very short-sighted and only hurts Spurs' chances of having a star player coming through.
    I completely agree with patrix... there's no way Pienaar should get more playing time than Gio! That to me is just bonkers!

    Talk about cutting your nose to spite your face... Arry!

    I'd sooner lose Redknapp than any of Dos Santos, Modric, Bale, Lennon...... but with his and Levys attitude to transfers, and the players Arry seems to want to bring in... I can see them all leaving. And when Redknapp does eventually leave THFC for England or wherever! ... Where does that leave us?
    Backwards another 10 years i'd say!

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    • all gods have clay feet. now with the dos santos and taarabt affairs we can see 'arry has got legs of clay, not just feet. it may be time to start a 'draft 'arry for england' campaign. he'll be happy there, alongside a host of fellow plonkers.