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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jun 28, 2011 15:00 Flag

    Dos Santos

    Well put Joe - agreed. As for supporting our team; well, that never stops and the way we support is different for different people (some like to speak of past glories of a player or manager in support of that player or manager; others deal with the here and now and align with it or question it...and a myriad of other combinations of stuff).
    This Joan person has "her" way (I noticed the quote marks Sfer...I think I've used them myself and its in regard to the sheer force of aggression that seems to be hind those posts...add that to the depth of negativity and it alomost makes me wonder if this Joan isn't a gooner troll - sorry if you're not Joan, but this is just what I glean from your posts and my experience with the trolls that have darkened this board.

    What we'd love to see is activity, like what's going on at OT; what we're seeing is nothing, save the departure of Jamie O'Hara (who incidentally got his chance when Oneday was around...oh, who incidentally won us our first bit of silverware in ages, but, who, unfortunately could do no more than set 'Arry up as our saviour).

    I digress, I think some of us are extrapolating without cause with regard to this reported mass exodous...no one's gone yet; the speculation about our top players is inevitable...they're pretty damn good players, who wouldn't be interested in them...I mean look at the Goons, they're on the verge of giving up on their best player...manure sold Ronaldo a few seasons back...shit happens; as long as we get good coin for who's going out the door and then use that coin to bring in good replacements we'll be alright. Best scenario is, Modric, Bale and Lennon go nowhere, we unload those players who are surplus (and at this point that would include Dos Santos) and unload them at a loss if need be, because once you've let a player know he's not in your plans he's pretty much dead to you as a servant of the team...you'll get the odd one that might get fired up to prove the manager wrong, but most will go into a shell and just wait for the inevitable.

    Right now it's easier to slate the Spurs brass than sing its praises...after all, inactivity during the winter transfer window (and definitely the previous off-season) cost us a return to the CL next year...and without that carrot dangling bringing in new players of the calibre we need is always going to be a tough task (and keeping those we need to keep...especially after they've tasted life in the promiseland). Yes, we did make it there once...and we did well, proved we belonged, but getting back there is going to be the toughest proposition of all and right now, the movers and shakers at Spurs are not looking like they're doing enough to challenge for that honour.