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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Jun 27, 2011 21:32 Flag

    Dos Santos

    Quality goal. Different gravy. Give him a crack

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    • There are players who find it difficult to reproduce their league form in internationals however dos Santos appears to be the opposite in that he fails to reproduce his international form in domestic games. And if his lifestyle and attitude are as describe here then its hardly surprising, its also explains why Barcelona offloaded him and why despite his performances in the Gold Cup none of the big European clubs have shown the slightest interest in him. It also looks as if partying hard runs in the family as his younger brother is one of the 8 Mexician players sent home from the Copa America and suspended for 6 months following a late night incident at the team`s hotel.

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      • Dev - I hear you on the Gold Cup incident, but we have to give the lad credit...the option to party must've been there for him too and yet he didn't take up on it...he ccertainly wasn't sent home...and as seen his play was stellar, so I'd hazard a guess and say he stayed well shot of all that bad-boy stuff. Also, I haven't heard anything about him doing any of that "non-prfessional" stuff at the clubs he was loaned out to...so maybe he's turned the corner (or, maybe it was blown way out of proportion in the first place)...just thinking out loud.