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    ...more transfer rumours

    From the Sun

    PSG want You and a new Pal
    Published: 25 Jun 2011
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    TOTTENHAM duo Wilson Palacios and Younes Kaboul are key targets for Paris St Germain.
    The French club have new Qatari owners and plan to splash out to become a big force again.

    Midfielder Palacios was set for an £11million switch to Napoli but is now likely to be part of a £21m PSG bid also involving defender Kaboul.

    Spurs are keen to offload the pair to fund a swoop for West Ham star Scott Parker.

    Add that to what was already reported about Sevilla and Spurs trying to work out a deal for Gio...and that's 3 players reportedly leaving

    But that's not all...also in The Sun (gotta love this paper huh!)

    Reds raid Spurs for Lennon
    Published: Today
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    LIVERPOOOL aim to raid hard-up Tottenham for Aaron Lennon.
    Kop boss Kenny Dalglish will cash in on Spurs' confession that they must sell before they can buy.

    The Reds have failed to lure Stewart Downing from Aston Villa and see £20million-rated winger Lennon as a perfect alternative.

    Spurs manager Harry Redknapp admitted he will have to unload 'at least four or five players' before chairman Daniel Levy will allow him to splash out.

    Yes...someone mentioned this too (well, sort of...just didn't say where the interest was coming from).
    So that's 4 and nary a deadwood player in sight.

    Ok, well, this is all conjecture at the moment (just like all the players we've been in for that have snubbed us), but, unlike pre-seasons past, I'm having fun with it. Off I go to see who else they have leaving.

    Oh and don't look now but Man U have spent almost 50 mil already this summer...who's serious about what they do eh?

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    • sorry no more rumours...to be honest like usual Im alreadfy fed up with the gossip although it is earlier than usual.
      But I just thought of a player that I think could be a clever signing. I have seen flashes of brilliance from him and think he has the attributes to do well for us....

      Now dont laugh....

      Moussa Dembele of Fulham!!

      I said dont laugh.. shame Jol is at Fulham as I dont think he would want to do business with us anyway (dont blame him...commoli's fault)

      But you heard it hear first Dembele to be a star soon!!

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      • Read this morning a fairly convincing story about us bidding for Rossi. If its true I am not sure about that to be honest.

        He is very much in the Defoe mould IMO and I could not see them both playing at the same time so that means Crouch or Pav (if he stays which I don't think he will) would have to be a starter in most if not all games. If that is the situation I would be disappointed as I don't think Crouch or Pav are the men to help us improve from where we are.

    • Can't think why we'd be looking to offload Kaboul but can understand him being a target now he's made the French national squad. In any case, with his pretty solid performances last season we need to keep him so he can play alongside Daws at CB when Billy Gallas needs a rest and King can't play, especially now Woodgate's gone or going.

      Levy has also publicly said that there's no way we'll sell Lennon (or any of our star players) so unless he wants to lose face and become a laughing stock he'll stick to that line (and 2 fingers up at Chelski/Manure/Citeh wanting to take our best players!).

      All the paper cr@p is depressing, but laughable at the same time - they always have it in for Spurs in the transfer window and I think they enjoy winding us all up.

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      • And thats what it is, paper crap!

        Ok I can understand why we'd look to offload Palacios, he's a booking waiting to ahppen and with the emergence of Sandro (presuming we can hold onto him), Wilson will play less and less. So no hard feelings get what we paid and move on.

        But Kaboul! that would be an error! I thought it was an mistake the first time we sold him and I was delighted when he re-signed, the guys quick, huge and improving all the time, plus he seems to have a bit of passion about him. I just can see what Parker offers? he's less mobile than Sandro, he can't pass like hudds and he's 31! wheres the logic?!

        I just don't believe we can consider selling - Lennon, Bale, Modric, VDV, Sandro. These players are just too important to us and replacing them would be very difficult, especially when you consider a similar standard of player will be being courted by half of europe.

        I truely hope that there are a decent few, who 'want to play football' and having that opportunity would be more rewarding than doubling your wages for bench warming. Surely these players dreamt of playing football and recieving fan admiration, not sitting on their backsides doing f-all?!

        When we are in the situation where a player demands a move and we accept an offer, thats when to start believing the papers, til then, its just bog roll with ink on!


    • Part of the problem Rambro is that when Manure come knocking the player usually says "where do I sign?" whilst when we say "how about it" they say "maybe but it depends on what better offers I might get"

      Success breeds success and, whilst obviously you have to have the money and the wage capability, that is why the big clubs get even stronger and the others get weaker.

      If we can hold on to all of our better players I think Levy/Arry will have done VERY well. It makes me laugh when all of these people berate players for moving when, if another employer offered them double their wages, they would be off like shot and not even think they were being hypocritical.

      Loyalty to your employer only goes so far and when you are talking the huge sums these lot are you don't seriously expect players to turn it down do you?