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  • Gilley Gilley Jun 29, 2011 23:23 Flag

    Stadium plans

    Levy loves money football comes second.

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    • He also loves keeping his job/salary Gilley.

      If the team stays in the top half of the PL and makes a profit he stays where he is. If the team stays in the top half of the PL but makes a loss he probably goes.

      If the team becomes relegation material but makes a profit the manager goes. If the team becomes relgation material and makes a loss Levy and the Manager go.

      So, profit is the key for Levy. £$%^ all of us supporters - well sort of. I don't blame him for watching the pennies - thats what he is paid to do - it just gets up supporters noses sometimes especially when we see teams like Manure (£50 mill already this month on transfers), Citeh and Chelsea spending as they do.

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      • Understand your points there sfer but we are in a different situation to the clubs you talk of. I'm not sure how much collateral our owners have that's dispensable but I wouldn't think they can compete with the multi millionaires that own the clubs you mention. Also we are a club that isn't in debt as those same club are.
        I'm not at all sure there is a rigid transfer system in place at the lane. Seems very hit and miss to me, with more misses than hits unfortunately. Apparently we have arranged to sign a 20 year old half english player from Mexico and a free Goalkeeper. Doesn't give the squad the kind of feeling we are improving our playing staff. Wonder how many we will actually lose this window.