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  • MEL MEL Jul 4, 2011 17:19 Flag

    Walker and Rose

    Great news at last with the extension of contract to both Walker and Rose, these guys must be in Harrys plans for the coming season.

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    • COYS indeed. I agree at the start of the season I was one of those who thought he was just a bit too flash and gave the ball away in some very vulnerable positions because of this, sfer. I think he overcame this not too far into the season and became a good team player, but still gave us some frights! I knew nothing of this interview, though! I saw him interviewed one time at his home in Docklands, but can't remember what was said then. I can understand irritation about him saying that it's just a game....not what I would have wanted to hear, and even if he thought it, he shouldn't have said it. But...if he picks up where he left off, he will be pretty major next season.

    • HRJ-

      I'd agree with you, I like BAE, he had some suiperb games last season and yes he had a few shockers. for me he was one of the better players in the squad.

      Sfer, I understand where you coming from, the 'job' interview he did split people. I know why it upset many people, however I found it refreshingly honest, in a time where footballers seem to be increasing dishonest (Giggs, Rooney etc etc) I enjoyed the honesty. I think the problem with making a statement like that is that when he play's badly, it can look like he just doesn't care enough! which is never indeering to us lot.

      His honesty endeers him to me, he often plays well and I can't think of many players we could attract who would improve us.
      Remember he plays behind Bale, this will always leave him exposed at times.

      I think BAE having some competition in Rose will do him the world of good, i'm looking forward to seeing them both improve and fight for a frist team place.


    • Yep, excellent news.

      Both are good cover for their respective fullback positions, and I reckon they'll play in maybe the domestic or UEFA Cup games to start with, though in the PL if BAE or Corluka are injured they could feature sooner.

      Although Rose is a midfielder, think of how Bale blossomed moving from LB to LW - so it's not stretching the imagination to see that Rose could eventually make the LB position his own.

    • great to sign both on longer contracts, and with game's both could do well, ..Walker looks good, but he has the tendancy to plant himself when being attacked, and can be passed easily, though his pace allows him to get back to block sometime's...great as an extra attacking force, but first duty is to defend, so with more experience, hopefully, he will develope into the RB we are crying out for, so I say have him on the bench to start, and when winning and controlling game's get him on....I agree he shouldnt go on loan, but be part of the playing squad...

    • Hey Mel,

      Lets hope so!

      These two look really promising, particularly Walker, because our other right back options are pretty poor! I think we needed to give them more football last season, lets hope Haz holds onto them and doesn't look to ship them out on loan after 3 months.

      Is Rose a left back? I know we played him there last season and I know he looked decent in that role, but for england and whilst he was loaned out he was far more attacking, at times almost looking like an inside forward?! Does anyone know his preferred position?

      COYS- Young, Bright, Hopeful!

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      • great news. walker looks like a great prospect & with our current average RBs, he deserves to start as no1 RB next season.

        cement your place kyle, prove cartman wrong!

        rose also looks decent & did a good job filling in at LB.

        joe, i heard rose actually prefers to play in the middle.

        but as we are already strong there & he has a left foot, he gets pushed out to LB or LW.

        the fact he is versatile & left footed makes him worth keeping as a utiity player at least. good move signing him up for a few more years.

        he will be handy as cover for ekotto.

        also look out for caulker at the swans next season.
        he has been very impressive so far at CB & will gain vital premiership experience.

        harry kane is another 1 to look out for in the next few yrs, big things are expected.