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  • john john Jul 4, 2011 19:29 Flag

    Walker and Rose

    great to sign both on longer contracts, and with game's both could do well, ..Walker looks good, but he has the tendancy to plant himself when being attacked, and can be passed easily, though his pace allows him to get back to block sometime's...great as an extra attacking force, but first duty is to defend, so with more experience, hopefully, he will develope into the RB we are crying out for, so I say have him on the bench to start, and when winning and controlling game's get him on....I agree he shouldnt go on loan, but be part of the playing squad...

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    • it is fantastic news, i was worried that walker was on the off.i hope its not just to boost any bids in for him.

      really hoping we can keep our squad together and build on it, arry dissmissing chelseas bid but needs to back it up soon with a big signing, to show modders and bale the intent of the club.