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    Is Modric Really That Good?

    That question will probably upset or anger a lot of people who visit this site but it is a valid one. Modric clearly is a good player but is he such a great one that Spurs would be irretrievably damaged if he left? Is he a great player just because everyone, or nearly everyone says so - the power of the crowd? - or is his greatness genuine? On the other hand have we reached a point where the psychological damage of his departure would be great nonetheless because he has been elevated, rightly or wrong, to greatness? Anyhow tell me just why he is such a great player, because I am not that convinced.

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    • Yes, he is.

    • I had the same discussion with my son re Modric.

      Depends what you class 'good' as I suppose. If you expect a midfielder that creates chances/provides assists or scores goals, then Modric hasn't been that for us. When he was absent with the injury last season, we looked as effective. So, although I like him as a player, I'm not sure he would be that big a loss - or fulfills a role that couldn't be taken up by someone else (VdV seems like he wants to play that roaming role anyway).

      Given the choice, personally, I'd keep him rather than sell him - as to me it's not about how good a single player is, but how they fit the team - and IMHO, unlike VdV (and Crouch to an extent), where we have to change to adapt to him, Modric 'suits' our style.

    • Short answer. YES he really IS that good ;)

    • you're showing your age with a question like that Joan...you've only got to look at recent history to see that a good player leaving doesn't cause irretrieable damge to a team...maybe some short term, but certainly notr long term...Manure sold a player for a, still record, 80mil and they're still winning championships without him; we sold one for 30 mil and we made it to the CL without him. So if I take you're question in it's entireity, the naswer is no, he's not THAT good. THAT good would have us winning the championship because he was there (or at least repeating our 4th place finish and thereby meeting a club goal for last season)...but we didn't so, no he's not THAT good...he is however very damn good and we'd be better off with him than without him; you even say in your piece that "Modric clearly is a good player..."

      You've been pushing this sheep mentality on how some opinions have been arrived at (here you call it "power of the crowd") and I have to wonder about the motive that might be behind some of your posts - I notice that you typically don't weigh in on the posts of others and rarely revisit your own posts for any further comment (based on those that do comment on your posts), that is unless you're duking it out with Sfer...its probably just me, but I picture you gleefully grinning when you get a bunch of responses to your posts, especially the ones where the responder seems narked at what you said. Of course, I could be wrong (and may never know the truth), but I thought I'd put it out there (especially as you seemed to appear out of nowhere near the end of the season!)

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      • Rambro - I'd disagree with your point about Modric not being THAT good or we'd be in the Champions League. If there was one player who consistently played at the top of his game throughout the season, it was Modric. You cannot expect one player to win championships or get success for a club these days, the same is true for Man Utd - yeah Ronaldo was phenomenal but without him they still had Rooney, Giggs, Scholes, Vidic etc.

        I think Modric is definitely good enough to play in the CL year on year, whereas Spurs have shown that we are not. We struggled in the league this year, maybe struggled to find a balance between playing in the CL and the Prem together. But we had enough quality about us to finish in the Top 6. The reasons we didn't finish 4th was because our finishing was abysmal, the frontline did not do enough, the goalkeeper was at sixes and sevens and our defence were found wanting at times - but not because Luka Modric was not good enough. If we lose him, sure we'll recover, but as with losing Carrick and Berbatov, it will take another few years before we're competing with the best again.

      • I wondered how long it would be before someone like you went personal and insulting. Just can't resist it, can you? Suggests to me an inability to debate rationally. Pity, sad even, but there you are!

    • Your understandable question and concern is applicable to not only Modric but all other "great" players. While they are at a club and want to be at a club they are valued and can become irreplaceable.As soon as they want to go and eventually do go they become a fond memory or a betrayer, but the team goes on. The most important factor of a succesful team is the passion each and every player has for the team. We have a great squad and most want to play for spurs and give their all. Some however do not show the passion factor and rarely give the never give up approach their team and fans expect.Support the players with Spurs passion and let those who want to go,go. One or two super players who are only interested in themselves can easily damage team moral.

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      • Joan,

        I believe Modric is that good, IMO he is our best player and the best player we have had for some time. He is energetic, skillful has super vision and he is strong, very strong for someone who resembles a 14 year old girl.

        No club will cease or collapse due to the departure of one man, however I don't think we'd miss any, one player more than we'd miss Luka. He dictates how we play and finding someone else to fulfil that role would not be easy, especially as at least 3 of the top 6 EPL clubs are all after a similar player!

        I'd agree that if a player really pushes to leave, let them! rarely can a relationship be re-formed after such demands. However Luka has made no formal transfer request (yet) and prior to the Chavs speculation he was quite open about how much he enjoyed playing for us. I don't think Luka has yet burnt his bridges!

        Interesting question, cheers


    • Hi Joan, don't know if your age is true or not but you must have seen Osvaldo Ardiles at the lane if you are a Spurs fan. I would liken Modric to him and he was thought of as a truly great player. Both he and Modric are small, strong players with great upper body strength and both can hold the ball up and lay off really telling passes. Don't know if that answers your question or increases the clarity of it. lol