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  • Old Peculiar Old Peculiar Jul 5, 2011 16:10 Flag

    Is Modric Really That Good?

    Your understandable question and concern is applicable to not only Modric but all other "great" players. While they are at a club and want to be at a club they are valued and can become irreplaceable.As soon as they want to go and eventually do go they become a fond memory or a betrayer, but the team goes on. The most important factor of a succesful team is the passion each and every player has for the team. We have a great squad and most want to play for spurs and give their all. Some however do not show the passion factor and rarely give the never give up approach their team and fans expect.Support the players with Spurs passion and let those who want to go,go. One or two super players who are only interested in themselves can easily damage team moral.

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    • Joan,

      I believe Modric is that good, IMO he is our best player and the best player we have had for some time. He is energetic, skillful has super vision and he is strong, very strong for someone who resembles a 14 year old girl.

      No club will cease or collapse due to the departure of one man, however I don't think we'd miss any, one player more than we'd miss Luka. He dictates how we play and finding someone else to fulfil that role would not be easy, especially as at least 3 of the top 6 EPL clubs are all after a similar player!

      I'd agree that if a player really pushes to leave, let them! rarely can a relationship be re-formed after such demands. However Luka has made no formal transfer request (yet) and prior to the Chavs speculation he was quite open about how much he enjoyed playing for us. I don't think Luka has yet burnt his bridges!

      Interesting question, cheers