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  • Sfer Sfer Jul 6, 2011 16:47 Flag

    Ar$e squad - never a better chance!

    I know it is not exactly accurate and that there is still away to go in the transfer window but the Ar$e squad has never been so weak IMO.

    They have 14 players listed in the 1st team squad (without Clichy) but with Gervinho that will be back up to 15. Then if Fab and Nasri go that will be 13!

    We have 24 listed but Citeh have 32!! and that is without all of the signings they appear to be close to.

    All these figures are outfield players, not including Keepers.

    If we ever stand a chance of finishing above Ar$e this next season has to be it doesn't it!

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    • Understand what you're saying Sfer, but if we don't build on our squad with better quality players and still get shot of fringe ones, we wont be better off? We have to strengthen our squad. All our competitors for the top four are, so far we have only signed Brad Friedel. We will lose our top players if we do not improve on the squad we had last season. 5th isn't good enough. We have been linked with a few, as always, but, again as always, nobody has signed. That lad from Brazil has signed a new deal at his club and committed until the end of 2011, the day after we were supposedly saying about our confidence re him signing for us. Just about sums up our ability in the transfer market