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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jul 6, 2011 21:36 Flag

    Luka & Levy

    Seems they've had their chat and Levy says he's not being sold...so either Luka's an upstanding contract abiding individual or Levy's a Snake Oil Salesman...we'll see soon enough I suppose.

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    • i wouldnt be so sure mel, im sure nick is still deluding himself its media spin!

      modric could wipe his bum with a spurs shirt & nick will say he must have run out of toilet paper!

      im only joking nick, wish i was as hopeful as u!

    • Most Spurs fans are awake and realistic. Let the business people do the business but let the manager and the team play the Spurs way. Win or not that is why we are Spurs fans.

    • Nick are you sure Luka has not asked for the transfer, seems its pretty obvious now that he has.

    • When are Spurs fans going to wake up it has been clear for
      a long time that the only persons they wont to have that kind dosh i.e. 100.000 per week is them
      selfs all Modric has done is expose what we all know the bord at tottenham do not mach the players and the suporters expectations

      we will win nothing as long as we have them in control of Totenham

    • Something happened to my reply to this...I can't be bothered to try and recreate it in whole...but I'll start with what i eneded with and that is (and this is just in case)...I hope nothing negative was taken by the repeating your name 3 times like some kind of nightmare teacher from secondary school (wagging finger and all)...definitely not meant in that spirit...fair do's to you though, Nick, you came back at me quite nifty-like with same.

      Well, neither of us (none of us in fact) know what or if there was a question that lead to Modric's response, the press being the way they are I wouldn't put it past them...and players, being what they are one part daft as a coot and one part deft businessman who know how to play along. What we do know is what the answer was and I, like SB, think that he could (if he wanted to) answer that question you speculate was asked, in a fashion that would have killed the story dead the minute it came out of his mouth. Saying your happy at your club is a start, but it ain't much; saying your happy at your club because they're forward thinking and ambitious (and all the things he likes about Chelsea) and he thinks he can achieve his professional goals at Spurs would be the story-killing way to handle that question if it were asked.

      All that aside...He (and other players as you pointed out...or someone did) had a meeting with Levy...now, other than you saying others had meetings (and I believe they probably did it be the reconvening of the team for pre-season prep)...but, who did Levy go to the press and declare he would not be selling...Bale? No...Gomes (we should be so lucky)...Lennon (there've been rumours surrounding him too)...no, Luka Modric and no one else; why do you suppose that is?

      You're all probably down your locals or just chillin' at home or whatever, so I doubt that I'll see any response until next week...so, have a great weekend, be safe and have fun (this media circus stuff is just to keep us chatting about stuff, and in that, it's working...I'm not getting too caught up in it, in fact, I'm having fun dissecting it with you all. It's cool if there's agreement and it's cool if there isn't...but its always interesting to hear everyone's opinion and don't we all have 'em!

    • Yes SB that was my meaming i know there are oceans apart with contract, i was pointing out that Judas who cane through our ranks from a youngster got noticed by us played for England and sold us down the river for greed without us getting a penny im sure Luka would not want that to happen, not that it would as we can get money on this one should it happen.

    • I'm with you Nick - and even if the question wasn't that leading, I bet if you asked 99% of the players who don't play for the 'big clubs' if they would like to play for somebody else, they'd all be saying '...I'd like to play for Barca/Real/Utd/Chelsea,Citeh/Woolwich...'. Of course they would - the whole point in football or any competitive sport is to compete at the highest level. Offer a runner the chance to be in the Olympics - would they say 'no' I'm happy at my harriers club?
      Why is it then that the Modric comments are so shocking to people?

      There's quite a bit of difference between 'like to play' and actively pursuing a transfer - which it appears at this point he isn't.

      And as SB says, the chairman couldn't keep him if he wanted to go. So isn't the fact that he is still here testament to that (ie to him not actively pursuing leaving)? That may change tomorrow - and I bet if whoever offered £40m, Levy wouldn't hesitate in selling him - but as of today, he is still here.

    • Rambro Rambro Rambro ...lets quote luka's answer from that paper BUT add what was most likely the questio (Which they dont tell you of course cos then it would show how missquoted he was) and I bet it wont look quite so much lke he is telling the world he is desperate to leave Spurs.

      Modric, if Spurs were to sell you onto Chelsea how whould you feel about that?

      "I would like to go to Chelsea. A lot of players would like to go there and play for Chelsea because it is one of the best clubs in the world, and so do I, I would like to play there. But we will see what will happen"

      I'm sure he would give the exact same answer if you swapped the team Chelsea with Barcelona, or Man U or Real Madrid.

      So once again, Until you see the actual question he is answering you dont know what he is talking about at all.

    • Oh dear what have I wrought?

      Nick Nick Nick...where have you been mate...Modric never said anything publicly? modric was responding to a leading question? No my friend Modric gave exclusive interviews to two papers (not so exclusive then I suppose)...here's one in the Telegraph...the Daily Mail had the other.


      You read it and then let me know how it reads to you...to me it sounds HE said and I quote "I would like to go to Chelsea..." That looks like case closed, but I could be wrong.

    • come on nick, modric is that dumb.

      there was already speculation about him joining chelsea & there had been a bid by them.

      then he was asked about it & he said lots of good things about chelsea.

      yes he didnt say i want to go to chelsea BUT he did a much as he could without handing in a transfer request.

      chelsea had bidded for him & then he gets asked about it-
      modric isnt dumb enough to think
      that its ok to say good things about chelsea whilst not saying i want to stay at spurs & not got to chelsea,
      & still expect the papers not to say he wants to join chelsea!

      he could have easily said i want to stay at spurs & not go to chelsea. but he is tempted which is why he is leaving the door very much open!

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