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  • MEL MEL Jul 8, 2011 12:19 Flag

    Luka & Levy

    To be fair Nick i hear what you are saying and in principal its right and again to be fair to Modric he knows he extended his time at Spurs last year with a new contract, maybe there is room for manouvere on his contract it is fair to say we do not break the bank with players wages, they could up his wages but then everybody would be on the bandwagon, having said that if we need to progress and stay in touch we need a bigger stadium WHL would do me fine redeveloped but when that happens you need to purchase the players to stay in touch with the rest of the big clubs and in the end you will have to pay up for them or just loiter in mid table as Villa, Newcastle etc. its a difficult one!
    Going back to Modric at least hes getting on with it and not doing what Judas done to us waiting for his contract to end and jumping ship to the worst possible new employers now that was about money.