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  • if modric wants to go let him go, just enjoy the football we play and face the fact that with or without modric we aren't going to win anything. were always going to be a selling club because we can't afford to pay the top players the wages they want, not until Levy builds a stadium at the lane which holds 50,000 plus then we might be able to compete, this I think could be done within 3 years if he got his finger out and stopped looking at the olympic stadium, it was never a starter for true spurs fans anyway

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    • Old,
      But at what cost? How much longer will it take to pay back a development at WHL compared to the OS?

      So we get a 50K+ stadium locally and takes twice as long to repay the additional £200m.

      Weren't the old figures (before the alleged upping of land acquisition costs in Haringey) something like £400m to redevelop and £200m for the OS?

      £200m difference, is that the correct figure?

      So for that £200m we could buy virtually a whole team of Modric's - and just think how few goals we'd let in.