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  • If you go to the OS you may as well go to Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, anywhere just franchise the name even share old trafford and at current prices £200m would get ronaldo 80, torres 50 tevez 50 and a makeweight defender, don't you see the lane is spurs nowhere else, if levy and his mate who's never in the country because a billion in the bank isn't enough for him want the os have it just use the £200m savings to buy another team and call it something else like leyton oreint 2, serously if you want it to be all about money you have to ditch, swansea and the like get glasgow rangers and celtic in move anywhere you can to make the most money and totally forget history, fans, loyalty etc

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    • agreed oldspural.

      we have to stay in our home.

      levy doesnt care about letting deadwoods value go down & down. & he doesnt care about spending millions on deadwoods wages every yr.

      so how can he suddenly turn round & say it would be a better financial option to move to the OS.

      so suddenly finance is important is it levy?