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  • Layla Layla Jul 10, 2011 15:08 Flag

    can we all stop pretending modric wants 2 stay!


    now lets stop burying our hand in the sand (im talking to u nick lol).

    no point keepin an unhappy player & we all know the club have no real intention of bringing in big names or else they would have done it when we could have actually attracted them last summer.

    basically the best we can hope for is chelsea decide to go for pastore or someone else & utd to the same.

    then hopefully modric decides to give us 1 more yr to get back in the CL.

    if not then i guess we just have to get the most out of chelsea that we can.

    35m is probably fair.

    unless we try to get someone like sturridge thrown in.

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    • Thanks for your interesting view's spursbabe, Im sure it's a topic we could debate forever.

    • yes but the cost of a new stadium would mean we would have no money to spend on transfers when the new ruling comes in.

    • While Its easy to say there's no point keeping a player who does'nt want to be there, It's about time someone showed the ball's to say "tough, we hold the contract, and your staying " then If the player dont give 100% stick him on bench, and only put him on when no other option...By then other club's would of got other's in, and he would be left in limbo, and if he's not playing, then his country is less likely to pick him...With Modric, we got value by getting in CL, and seeing as his on relatively low wage's, it's not going to hurt us as much having to pay someone not playing...Even if we let him go for good money and got some good player's in, it will be the same in the next window, player's wanting to go for where the money is, So take the chance to stamp on player power, and maybe we can set an example which other club's will follow

    • i put hand instead of head because sand in your eyes is dangerous!

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      • Just read on yahoo and sky sports more garbage about modric.
        I say garbage..not because I dont believe it too some extent but i can guarantee its had some media spin applied.

        However, I'm fed up with all this. At the end of the day if we get a decent offer I have no problem kicking him out the door. I know its good to hold your ground but instead the stance should be:

        We dont need you, the club will move on. One player never makes a club. I mean ronaldo was far better than Modric. (they did get a better offfer than 22m though!!) Manu have still gone on to win the title and thats mainly due to a team effort and settled back room.

        Modric can move on.. play hudds and sandro...anyone. I think he is a great player but overrated. Look at Torres. Liverpool adorred him and their season revolved around him. Now its all in the past and they have moved on.

        Next story please!!! I've had enough!!