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  • Mc G Mc G Jul 10, 2011 16:14 Flag

    can we all stop pretending modric wants 2 stay!

    Just read on yahoo and sky sports more garbage about modric.
    I say garbage..not because I dont believe it too some extent but i can guarantee its had some media spin applied.

    However, I'm fed up with all this. At the end of the day if we get a decent offer I have no problem kicking him out the door. I know its good to hold your ground but instead the stance should be:

    We dont need you, the club will move on. One player never makes a club. I mean ronaldo was far better than Modric. (they did get a better offfer than 22m though!!) Manu have still gone on to win the title and thats mainly due to a team effort and settled back room.

    Modric can move on.. play hudds and sandro...anyone. I think he is a great player but overrated. Look at Torres. Liverpool adorred him and their season revolved around him. Now its all in the past and they have moved on.

    Next story please!!! I've had enough!!

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    • disagree marc.

      i think modric is our best &most important player & wont be easy to replace.

      everything goes thru modric.

      i hope u are joking when u said we have hudds to replace him!

      hudds is a mid table prem player at best! (no offence mid table team players)

      i agree that we should let him go because he clearly doesnt want to be here.

      comparing it to utd selling ronaldo is silly because we arent left with the players utd had.

      forget media spin, just read modrics actual comments & then its made clear what he thinks.

      & again your comparision to torres is silly too because torres had been out of form for at least 18mths before chelsea signed him.

      whereas modric is currently very much inform & was voted spurs player of the yr for that reason.

      im not saying its the end of the world BUT we will clearly be a lot weaker without modric next season & unless we sign someone in his position who is as good then a europa place will be the best we can hope for especially as liverpool will be a lot stronger next season.

      it all stems from the inactivity after getting 4th spot.
      we needed to strengthen but we didnt which meant we ended up 5th.
      which meant our best players like modric would want to leave.
      as well as meaning we wouldnt be able to attract top players due to no CL footie.

      levy & redknapp u have a lot to answer for!

      im 1 unhappy spurs fan here!